LG has launched many new Android and Windows phones in 2011. In 2012 LG should create some great new phones, and in this article we are going to look at the best new LG phones for 2012.

In 2012 we can expect most mid to high-end phones to come with dual-core processors, at least 512MB of ram and faster HSDPA connectivity. I also believe that in 2012 720p displays will become standard as will the 4.3 inch display.

LG will launch both new Android and Windows Phone Seven handsets in 2012. It will continue to upgrade its phones, but it seems to be targeting the top end premium market with several of its offerings. With improvement on the LG Optimus and a rumoured LG fantasy Windows phone, the contenders for the title of best new LG phoned 2012 are numerous.

LG Spectrum

The LG Spectrum is being regarded as the Revolution 2, a reworked and updated version of a previous LG handset. Not much is known about it yet but it is expected to have LTE and we would expect it to have a 4.3 inch screen, the latest version of Android and an upgrade from the 1 GHz single core processor.

LG Fantasy

The LG Fantasy is an upcoming Windows based phone with a 4 inch display. It is based in mid-range device but again there isn't much information currently available for it. The LG Fantasy is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2012.

LG Optimus

The latest version of the LG Optimus, the 2X, is a dual core smart phone from LG with Nvidia technology. It was launched in mid-2011 and heralded as the first dual core phone and the Tegra 2 technology gave impressive performance with multicore architecture. It was targeted as one of the most impressive phones for the start of 2011, and it is being upgraded in 2012.

There is already a variant of the Optimus for LTE which specification includes a 4.5 inch, 720x 1280 resolution screen which gives an amazing pixel density. It will also include 1 GB of RAM, 1080p video recording and an eight megapixel camera. This was one of the best new LG phones for 2011, and the revised version should be brilliant in 2012.

The current processor on the latest version is a 1.5 GHz dual core, but in 2012 it could easily be upgraded to one of the new quad core processors. Such enormous processing power will allow it to do some amazing and interesting things such as improved photos and video, faster operation and more. A new and improved version of this phone is likely to be the best new LG phone for 2012.

LG Nitro HD

The LG Nitro HD is similar to the LG Optimus as it has a 4.5 inch screen with 720p resolution. It has the same 1 GB of RAM but only 4 GB of storage. It is only been released at the very end of 2011 and comes with a 1.5 GHz dual core processor and a planned upgrade to version 4.0 of Android OS. It is a GSM phone which is capable of HSDPA at 21 Mb per second. This phone is likely to compete with the Optimus, it may replace it in GSM only markets, but the vital difference is that it has GSM rather than LTE and may be offered at a slightly lower price on average around the world.

Please check this article regularly for new information on the best LG phones for 2012 as it will be updated as new information is released. You can also check out 2012's best new phones from Blackberry, HTC and Samsung.

Which phone do you think will be the best new LG phone for 2012? Are you waiting on a new LG phone to be launched? If so please leave a comment below.