Your guide to the very best tourist spots of Paris

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world; the city of love, fashion and of course art is and will always remain one of the best destinations. In fact it’s the most visited destination in Europe and in the top ten for the world. The reasons for this are more than I could possibly list here in this brief article but briefly they include the famous French street café culture, the history of literature and art, the romance of the Seine and the Eiffel tower and oh so much more. Today I’m going to share with you some of the best of Paris tourist spots and delve a little deeper into why this capital city is so good.


Paris is possibly the best place in the world for art thanks to the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, the Pompidou centre and a host of other treasure troves of France’s (and the world’s) artistic talent. The Louvre is perhaps the most well-known Paris tourist spot thanks to the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo that are in residence here. However, truth be told, the Mona Lisa isn’t that spectacular and the cavernous 11km of the Louvre offer you much more stunning artwork and the beautiful Napoleonic apartments making the place brilliant for at least a full days exploration. The banks of the Seine are littered with street artists and showcase some exceptional local talent.


The architecture in the city of love is unbeatable anywhere in the world. The Eiffel Tower is of course the best of the Paris tourist spots thanks to its beautiful location and impressive iron girders trailing into the sky. The top of the tower provides stunning views across Paris and at night the tower lights up every half hour creating a beautiful and romantic scene. The park surrounding the tower and the banks of the Seine make a brilliant place to sit relax and indulge in that quintessential street café culture. However, the Eiffel Tower is by no means all that’s on offer here. The Arc De Triomphe is a magnificent memorial arch set at one of France’s busiest junctions but offering incredible views across Paris. The Louvre itself is incredible with its glass pyramid and beautiful palace courtyard. And let’s not forget the churches. Notre Dame is possibly the most beautiful church in the world whilst the Sacre Coeur offers one of the most romantic views across Paris.


I think Parisian culture is my favourite part of this city. Besides the arts and the architecture Paris has a unique culture very different from any other part of Europe. Street cafes still form the hub of French leisure time and the beautiful cafes, atmosphere and amazing coffee will keep you happy throughout your stay. In the evenings you have to enjoy one of Paris’s famous jazz clubs that line the left bank of the Seine and offer live jazz almost every day of the year. If Jazz isn’t your thing then there are some other Paris tourist spots well worth exploring – boat rides on the Seine, horse drawn carriage tours of the city or evening art exhibitions at many of the smaller galleries throughout the city. Oh and let’s not forget French holidays with Bastille day being one of the most important and widely celebrated in the country. At this time of year the whole city goes on holiday and there are fireworks parades and endless street parties. And that’s just one of the holidays!

Family entertainment

I thought it was also worth mentioning that in terms of Paris tourist spots we can’t forget the family entertainment on offer in the city and nearby. Whilst your kids may be bored senseless by art galleries and will no doubt love the heights of the Eiffel Tower there’s also plenty else to keep them entertained. Of course for most people the biggest attraction is the nearby Eurodisney and while I’m a little old for most of the rides myself I can still see the appeal for anyone with kids. If you stay in Paris itself you can still take a day trip to Eurodisney without any problems. Within the city though there’s still plenty of alternatives with the parks, the hands on museums (Pompidou in particular) and the trips available along the Seine being particularly fantastic. For something a little more tailored to children though I’d recommend the Cite des Enfants museum and the Parc de la Villette amusement park. The former is specifically a museum geared towards children with plenty of interactivity and a ton of great displays – including odd things like how to make baguettes videos that will at least make you chuckle. Finally for our Paris tourist spots I’d recommend the Parc de la Villette which is in fact right next to the museum. This is a typical fun fair amusement park with some well-designed rides and plenty of fun for all ages.