It the thought of Christmas that is more important

Ichristmas candles believe the best part of Christmas is when the children were young. Their little faces virtually glowing with uncontained excitement. The beauty of children is they are so natural, nothing false especially on Christmas morning unable to wait until we wake up. Then rushing to the Christmas tree and opening the presents. It was a fabulous time of fun and laughter.

The build up to Christmas was great with the kids helping to decorate the tree, and making decorations. Wearing the special Christmas tee shirts and ear rings and counting off the days on the calendar.

Over the years I have often found that kids will play with the simplest of toys.One year a friend had lost everything in a house fire, so they bought their kids bikes, and skates.  The kids spent most of their time playing with bubble pipes and sliding down a piece of plastic under the sprinkler. That's kids for you.

As we grow older, to me Christmas is not the same. The excitement in not there, or is it that Christmas has been taken out of all proportion. By that I mean it is so commercialized these days.  It is all about "By mum a washing machine" or similar. What happened to "it's the thought that counts?" I am proud of my kids; they do keep the thoughts alive.

My daughter starts shopping for Christmas the day after the current one. She saves so much money that way, and it does not cost her the earth. We should all follow by her example, and then we would not have the stress that is put on so many people at this busy time of year. I have good intentions too, but…How about giving it a go this year at the after Christmas sales.

High costs of living

With the higher costs of living now especially in Australia our Electricity charges have virtually trippled even though hundreds of homes have installed Solar panels on their homes.  The electricity companies are charging even more I suppose to make up for that loss.

I feel so sorry for the elderly and families with one income that cannot afford to have heaters to warm themselves as they cannot afford it.

Therefore by trying my daughters suggestion and start early you may still be able to have a little cheer in your home this year.  And remember something little is better than nothing at all.  It is the thought that counts.

Christmas Carols by candlelight


I loved that as a kid and an adult myself.While in high school, we formed a choir and sang in the shell in government gardens in Perth. It was so exciting and scary right up there in front of hundreds of people. The candles flickering in the dark was really a magical feeling.

The Carols by candlelight on the various TV shows is another great experience. Watching the different singers bring the old tunes alive on stage.We often sang along with them.

Favorite Songs


  • Silent night
  • Santa Claus is watching you
  • Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
  • Old Christmas card
  • Marshmallow world
  • Away in a manger
  • Deck the Halls
  • Good king Wenceslas
  • Hark the angels sing
  • Joy to the world
  • The little drummer boy

There were so many, I will think of heaps more once I finish this.Isn't it a wonderful and festive time of year? Forget about the shopping, the cooking. Just relax and let the thought of this Christmas season seep into your bones and be happy. Visit someone or give something to someone less fortunate than yourself, this Christmas. Or volunteer and help someone in need.

Think of all the little children in hospital. Santa and his little reindeers will not see the kids in far off countries. It must be hard for them.

Christmas Pageants


Kids love the street parades and pageants. It's great to see the children and adults as one nation line the streets, and wave and laugh together. All the kids on the various floats, dressed in beautiful costumes. The worst part of all of this is trying to get home safely after the show. Although for a while you can live for the moment and forget about all the troubles of the world.

The radio stations add to the festivity by playing the wonderful Christmas tunes each day on the radio.

Christmas for pets

Do not forget that your pets love receiving a gift at Christmas too.  Our Blue heeler really gets into the spirit of Christmas, especially if there are a  few treats inside the parcel.  The smell encourages him to open it.


Our dog loves opening his own presents



I would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.