So you decided you want to go for that classic slick-back hairstyle,
the pompadour, or just want something to hold down your unmanageable hair. Well there are literally thousands of pomade to choose from. So here are the most popular, effective, and the ones I personally use.....
so let's begin.


Murray's: The classic pomade. This is one of the oldest and most recognizable brand on the market. It's known to have one of the strongest hold. Once you put it on you can pretty much style your hair any way you like.

The drawback: It doesn't come out easy.Since it does contain petrolatum its going to take a couple of washings to get out.And that's not to mention the stained sheets. Also don't use it extensively since it damages your hair.

American Crew:This is one of the best waxes out there. Very strong hold for your hair, gives it a natural shine, and a very nice smell. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like it. The only bad thing is that it is a bit expensive compared to the other pomade.

Royal Crown: This pomade has some history, elvis used this. The best part about this pomade is the incredible shine it gives to your hair, which lasts throughout day. It goes on easily and is pliable enough to be recombed for any reason.

The drawback: The hold isn't that strong. Some people don't like the smell.

Black and White: Another pomade used by the stars. Some greasers hardcore greasers only apply this on their hair and for good reason. It leaves your hair soft not sticky. Hold is very good.

Layrite Deluxe Pomade: Pomade made by The World's Famous Hawleywood's barbershop out in Costa Mesa. How they put it "Goes in like wax, yet washes out like gel." The hold of this pomade is incredible. Also carries a unique smell. Most likely if you use it you will appreciate its hold.

The drawback: It takes only a couple of minutes to set, and once it sets it sets. If by any chance it's not to your liking and you try to comb it again, it will start to flake. Also when it sets  the shine isn't very good.The last thing I can say about this is that it is a bit expensive, compared to the classic pomade.

Dax Hair Dress:Dax comes in different versions, from wave and groom (the red can) to light and shiny (the blue can). The Short And Neat version (blue can) offers  a light pomade, which is more to give it shine and volume than to style it. I use this when I want the wet hair look, which lasts the whole  day.The fragrance is very nice. And it's not to harsh on your hair. Don't go overboard though if you do your hair will look to greasy.

Sporting Waves:Has a very strong hold. Ideal for hard to manage hair. Very pleasant smell. This doesn't weigh down your hair and is very inexpensive.

Nu Nile: This is  a medium weigh pomade. Has a strong hold yet light enough to style, ideal for pompadours. Has a nice shine and smell to it.

Bylcream: Saved the best for last.This is what your grandfathers were using. You simply can't go wrong with this. It helps to keep your hair healthy, so you can use it daily. It's perfect for that slick back look. Leaves you hair pliable so you can recomb it throughout the day.Not as greasy as the other pomade and has a nice smell to it.


*Apply pomade little by little.

*Do not  put on forehead or temples this might lead to unwanted acne.

*Use benefits to your advantage. For example I might use Layrite for the hold and mix in a bit of Dax for the shine.

*Stay away from an open flame.

*Clean your comb often.

*Always look sharp.

Till next time.....