Best side dishes

The meat is an important part of any bbq, however it is not the be all and end all, despite what many people seem to think. A good bbq or cookout does need good meat, but it also needs great side dishes as well. With so many different side dishes which ones are the best and which ones should you
serve at your family bbq?

Side dishes for bbq - Cold pasta salad recipes

All meals should contain all food groups and since pasta is high in carbohydrates it is a great side dish for any protein rich bbq meat. Making pasta salad is quick and very easy and there are plenty of different recipes to choose from.

Cold pasta salads are a very versatile dish, which makes it a perfect side dish. Pasta salad can be very plain and consist of nothing but pasta and oil, or it can be elaborate and made out of several different
ingredients. The choice is entirely up to you and your guests’ tastes and preferences.

Pasta is very filling and will help to ensure your guest leave your bbq feeling full and content.

Side dishes for bbq - Rice recipes

Rice is much like pasta in that it is high in carbohydrates, it is very versatile and can be used in a variety of different dishes and that it will fill your guests up and keep them happy. Consequently, all rice salads make an excellent side dish for any bbq.

Side dishes for bbq - Chilli con carne

A chilli con carne is, without a doubt, one of the best bbq side dishes. A chilli con carne can be mixed with a sausage to make a chilli dog, mixed with a beef burger to make a chilli burger, used as a dip for
vegetables, salad or crusty bread or simply eaten on its own.

Chilli con carne is very easy to make and requires few ingredients. When making chilli con carne you need to remember that you are making it for your guests in the first instance so make it mild. You can always leave a bottle of hot chilli sauce on the table for those guests who prefer their food a little more spicy so cater as if your guests like a mild chilli at all times.

Side dishes for bbq - Pulled pork recipes

In its simplest form pulled pork is pork meat that has been smoked or cooked in a conventional oven for many hours. Cooking pork on a low heat for a long time makes the meat juicy, tender and very succulent. There are many different pulled pork recipes, which includes things like barbeque pulled
pork, sweet and sour pulled pork and Chinese style pulled pork to name but a few.

Pulled pork makes an excellent side dish as it can be eaten hot or cold. The pulled pork can simply be spooned on to a plate and eaten with the barbeque meat or it can be put in a bap and eaten with a burger or some bacon. Pulled pork is a very versatile dish and there are numerous ways of serving it at a barbecue.

Side dishes for bbq - leftover chicken recipes

Leftover chicken is another ingredient that can be used in many different ways and served as a side dish. Try shredding the chicken and then mixing with mayonnaise and adding some sweet corn. The combination may look a bit sloppy and un-appetising however it tastes delicious. If you want
something a bit different try substituting the mayonnaise with a garlic mayonnaise, an onion flavoured mayonnaise or a chilli flavoured mayonnaise.

Another leftover chicken recipe involves shredding the leftover chicken and then mixing with some bbq sauce. You can either make your own bbq sauce or use a bottle of readymade sauce. The decision is entirely up to you.

Leftover chicken can be mixed with a variety of different sauces, either homemade or shop bought, all of which will make great side dishes for a bbq. You don’t have to stick to the conventional sauces and it is best to experiment with your favourite sauces to see what does and what doesn’t work.

Side dishes for bbq - Bbq beans

In order to make bbq beans all you need are canned baked beans, some bacon and some bbq sauce. To make the bbq beans all you need to do is cook the bacon and then slice it up in to small pieces before adding to the baked beans. Next, squirt some bbq sauce in to the beans and heat on a hob until warm. The amount of bbq sauce can be varied to suit particular tastes.

Making bbq beans is quick and exceptionally easy. What’s more is they taste delicious and won’t cost you a fortune either. 

Side dishes for bbq - Green salad

Green salad is healthy, nutritious and tasty. What’s more it also looks pretty which is important. Food should be a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds and green salad achieves this.

When making a salad as a side dish it is important to remember that not everyone likes onions, peppers, cucumber, radish etc. therefore a green salad should consist solely of mixed leafs. By all means have a bowl of other salad foods near the mixed leaf but never mix the two. You also need to remember that not everyone likes salad dressing so this should also be put in a separate jug for your guest’s to add as they want.

Side dishes for your next family bbq

So, if you want your next family bbq to go with a bang and be the one that is remembered and talked about for years to come you need to serve some top quality side dishes as well as some great meat. There are plenty of side dishes you can serve at your bbq, however the suggestions above are amongst the best.