It's difficult to think of anything that is more evocative than a smell.  The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, a recently cut lawn, or newly baked bread can so easily transport you to another time and place in your mind's eye.  It's true that to a certain extent, the qualities of particular smells can mean different things to different people, but there are also some smells that are almost universally liked.

Smells are all around us in our everyday lives, so much so that often we forget about them, until our senses are aroused by a certain aroma that means something to us, or that we particularly enjoy.

There are many bad odors that we can come across, of course, but here I want to focus on the good stuff, the scents and aromas that make us smile, or lick our lips when we encounter them.

I have listed my top 20 for the best smell in the world, drawing on my own experience and tastes, as well as research on what others give as their favorites. I hope that you enjoy my list.

Coffee is one of the best smells in the world!1. Fresh coffee. The beans before and after they are ground smell delicious, but freshly brewed and straight out of the pot is just the absolute best!

2. The ocean. The salty sea air is almost unbeatable when it comes to odors!

3. Freshly baked bread. Hot out of the oven, the aroma is enough to make you swoon!

4. Bacon frying in the pan. There’s nothing else quite like that unique sizzling smell!

5. Gasoline/petrol. A warm reminder of road journeys, cars and garages!

6. Sex. What would copulation be without the scent of love!

7. Fish and chips. Okay I was raised in the North of England so maybe I am biased!

8. A wood fire crackling. One of the best smells possible, especially when it’s a cold, dark night!

9. Flowers. Nature’s beautiful perfume!

10. A new book. Those pristine pages of text just smell gorgeous!
Riding lawn mower
11. Freshly cut/mown grass. The odor of Summer days and the outdoor life!

12. Burning rubber. Fast cars and racing tracks!

13. Barb-E-Q. Burgers on the grill and warm Summer nights!

14. Fresh rain. When the sky opens up and wets everything, it can smell real good!

15. New car. Enjoy it while it lasts!

16. Babies. They smell lovely (except when they need changing)!

17. Popcorn. So difficult to resist the aroma when it’s freshly popped!

18. Strawberries. Just a whiff of this fruit can make you lick your lips!

19. Frying onions. It’s difficult to think of anything quite as delightful as the aroma of onions sizzling in the pan!

20. Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. Are you getting hungry yet? I know I am!