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If you want to learn about the best toning tummy exercises, you have come to the right place. You will not only learn what exercises is most effective for toning your abs, but you will also learn why it is so effective. Let's start with the why and then move on the what. To understand why these exercises are so important, we have to look at the anatomy of the abdominal muscles first. Let's do that now:

Most people target their abdominals as if it's one muscle. And that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. To avoid training ineffectively and to avoid injuries, we have to exercise all the different muscles of the abs equally. Let's look at the different muscles first: Your biggest abdominal muscle is the rectus abdominis. This is the muscle that stretches from your breast bone until above your pelvis. When you stretch your arms in the air, your rectus abdominis is mainly involved. When you twist and turn, you mainly use your internal and external obliques. The transverse abdominis moves with the obliques. Now that you understand the anatomy of your abdominal muscles, we can move on to the best exercises to target each of these different muscles:

1. The best exercise for your rectus abdominis - Decline crunch medicine ball exercise

If you have access to a gym, a gym partner and a medicine ball, here is how you would do this exercise: Sit on an inclined exercise bench, with your partner standing in front of you, holding the medicine ball. Your partner then throws you the ball, catch it while slowly lowering your torso and bringing the ball behind your head. Slowly come back to starting position and repeat the exercise.

2. The best exercise for your obliques - Cable Twist

You need a cable pulley and a stability ball to do this exercise. Attach a cable to a cable pulley and hold the cable (stretched out) in your one hand, stretching over the exercise ball, while holding the ball with your other hand. Slowly turn to your one side from your abs, return to starting position and repeat on the other side. Remember to keep your hips square and to move from your obliques.

3. The best exercise for your lower abs - Captains chair knee raises

This exercise is bit tough, but you can't get a better exercise for your lower abs. Position yourself on a captains deck chair. Slowly bring your legs up with your knees bent. Lower your knees until they are level with your hips. Repeat on the other side. Just make sure to keep the small of your back firmly against the back rest at all times.

These abs exercises are very effective. But they won't work as good if you still eat everything you want and more. You will have to watch your diet also to get well defined, flat abs. Make sure to include lean meat, whole grain carbs, healthy fats, and lots of fruits and veggies in your diet. If you have excess stomach fat, you can cut that excess fat by including interval training cardio in your exercise routine. But the important thing to remember is to stay motivated, dedicated and to never give up in your goals and dreams.

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Last advice

Due to the fact that the info given in this article is my own advice and my personal opinion, no warrant can be give to the reliability, safety or accuracy of the advice given. But I do however strive to give the best advice that I am able to provide. I am not a medical doctor or a registered advice giver. I therefore strongly advice you t see your doctor before undertaking any new weight loss regime (may it be a new diet or a new exercise program. She will be able to advise you whether the new routine would be well suited to you as an individual.