Travel Apps for Mobile Phones

Here we take a look at the best free apps for travellers. I have chosen the best travel app in each sector and these include a travel guide, GPS navigation system, snow report app, Wi-Fi finder, service location app, translator and currency converter.



The Triposo free app is actually an impressive country and city guide that pulls information from various sources on the web. I downloaded the actual country guide for my location which was a little of 25MB. There were plenty of cities to investigate and the distance from my current location was displayed.

On the general country side of things there was the usual practical things discussed such as money and health and a detailed phrasebook was installed, although it could have done with a quick reference key as the document is extensive. The weather forecast streams into the app and there are plenty of suggestions on things to do and see, restaurants, hotels and shopping.

There were numerous attractions listed and the thumbnails worked well in deciding what would be of interest. For all of these services a simple click opens up a map for navigation.

What makes this the best travel guide for a mobile phone? The app was easy to use and the amount of information was surprising. I recommend downloading the country guide first and the audio playback button of the guide is perfect for either the airport, plane trip or even whilst en-route in a car.


Ski & Snow Report

The Ski & Snow Report App from was extremely useful. Using the GPS it automatically picked up all of the ski resorts in the country. The app advised on the snow pack, latest snow fall, the number of lifts operating and the kilometres of ski trails open. Up to date first hand comments were also displayed and this came in handy as my location was close to other ski resorts so I could pick the best ski hill for any particular day based on up to date feedback.

What makes this the best travel app for mobile phones? The webcams and ski runs were available to view and download making navigation on the slopes easy for anyone.


MapFactor Navigator

The Navigator App may not initially be the easiest of apps to use but once I figured it out it worked well. I decided to travel 400km from a beach resort up into the mountains to a ski resort to give the app a challenge.

The app worked like a dream although it did take you through city centres as a default. The app also didn't take into account the condition of the roads and the visual road map is essential on occasion to understand which way the navigator considered straight on.

What makes this the best navigation app for smartphones? It is the best GPS navigator for free and it also gives an audible warning if speed limits are exceeded, which is particularly helpful in a foreign country. If you are driving on the opposite side of the road to normal it will also help you concentrate on the road and traffic as opposed to road signs.


Wi-Fi Finder

With data roaming charges as an unknown quantity finding a public Wi-Fi hotspot is essential. This little app works a treat, although the number of results varies depending upon the location. The app also advises if there is a cost for Wi-Fi access and there is an offline mode available so that you can search without an internet connection.

What makes this the best travel app for cell phones? The offline mode is superb and a street map is available to guide you to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot.

WiFi Finder


This is again what is says in the name. Operation is simple with everything listed from ATM’s, bars, hospitals, chemists, petrol stations and so on. This distance is displayed although I wouldn’t say it was completely accurate and of course only web-savvy businesses are displayed so you may not get the local chemist just around the corner.

What makes this the best ‘locate a service’ app? The map options really make this app worth a download. You can select a single item to be shown on the map or show all the items and then visually select the one you wish to visit. There is also the option to view a standard map, traffic map or satellite map and a phone number for the service or business is also shown.


Voice Translator Free

To test this app I decided it was time to meet the locals so I invited a couple of villagers for dinner. The Navigator App was straight forward to use and the screen was simply laid out.

To operate the translator we simply pressed the speak button and said what we wanted to be translated. The app then showed what it thought we had said on the screen and also its written translation. We could then either show the written translation to our new friends or have the app speak out the translation.

What makes this the best translator app for mobile phones? The fact that you could see what the app thought you had said was extremely useful and if there was an error you could simply correct the word using the mobile phones keypad. It also had us all laughing out loud at some of the apps voice recognition mistakes, great for a social evening with new friends!

Voice Translator

XE Currency

This app really is as simple as its title. First of all I needed to select the local currency and after this I simply needed to enter the price and hey presto the currency was converted. The app also automatically updates the exchange rates so that you don't need to worry about entering these details.

What makes this the best currency converter for mobile phones? There is no need to enter exchange rates as the app gathers these and keeps them up to date and you can choose several currency exchange results at once which are useful in Europe, so you could see the conversion in Euro, GBP and any other currency you should choose.

XE Currency

These are all free apps for mobile phones and between them they should offer all the destination information you could desire. My advice is to download them over your Wi-Fi connection at home and have a quick play around with them before you leave. Out of the 1,000's of apps available to assist travellers these are some of the best and best of all they is no charge to download them.