There are many ways to market and get traffic to your website. Of course, if you have a lot of money to spend, it can be done quite easily by promoting it using Google Adwords or any other form of online or offline advertising.

There is also the free method to getting traffic and the best way to get free traffic is from the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. When people search for a product or a solution to a problem they are having, they are more likely also to purchase a product or at least click on an ad, than say if they came to your website via link posted on a social media website like Facebook.

To get free search traffic to your website, you obviously need it to rank well in the search engines for the particular keywords you are targetting. This technique is usually referred to as SEO or search engine optimization. SEO often appears to be some kind of rocket science when people start looking into the field, but it can be quite easy to make your article or website to rank for your chosen keywords, if you are prepared to do just a little bit of work and the keywords you choose are not too competitive.

If you are trying to promote your website, you can use Infobarrel to write an article on the topic of your website and include a carefully placed link to your website or a page on your website with the keywords you are targeting in the anchor text of the link.

If you are trying to promote an article you have written on Infobarrel and make money from the Google Adsense ads, you can write an article on Ezinearticles with a link back to the article you want to promote. Ezinearticles doesn't do revenue sharing so you have to be careful your ezinearticle doesn't outrank the article you are trying to promote on Infobarrel.

This method for promoting your website and articles is referred to as "article marketing". It can be time consuming but the links are permanent and will be around for as long as the websites continue to operate. The articles you write should be free of obvious spelling and grammatical errors, but they don't have to be literary masterpieces. Ezinearticles do have some policies on what you can and can't link to and where the links should appear in the article. The closer you follow the policies of the website, the quicker your articles will get online.

While many websites promote different ways for getting traffic, either through using paid advertising or by using social media websites, nothing can beat getting visitors from a search engine like Google. Article marketing is an effective way to get links to your site which in turn will help to get good rankings in the search engines.