Getting rid of Fleas can be a long and difficult process, so one of the first things to do is to ensure that your dog or cat does indeed have fleas. Scratching can be a symptom of a multitude of allergic reactions to environment and diet, just because your pet is scratching doesn't mean it has fleas. To see if your animal is being attacked by these pests, turn your pet over and thoroughly inspect their underbelly and around their inner thighs. This is one of the warmest places on the animals' body making it a popular place for fleas to travel. You can also give them a bath in the tub or sink. You will know that you have fleas if you find them in the water after you've finished bathing your pet. If you find fleas then there are many different approaches to the problem that can be taken. They depend on whether you have a dog or cat, how adverse you are to using chemicals, the type of hair or fur your pet has and how much time you can devote to ridding these pests from your home.


One of the quickest ways to stop the infestation of fleas is to use a Veterinarian prescribed topical solution like advantage or frontline.


These are usually very fast acting and you will begin to see a reduction in the flea population almost immediately. These chemical solutions usually are applied to the back of the neck on your pet and kill not only the adult fleas but also the eggs to keep them from hatching, therefore stopping the cycle. They are one of the fastest and efficient solutions to the flea problem


1) They are chemicals, although they do appear to be relatively safe. As with the use of any chemical, one never knows the far reaching health implications that they may have on the body. lf this is a concern for you it is best to do as much research as you can for yourself, getting a variety of opinions from various sources.

2) If you use these products frequently after time your pet can build up some immunity to the products making them much less effective.

3) They cost money. They are not overly expensive but if you use them a lot it can add up after awhile. If you are on a tight budget you may want to try a more natural and economic option.


There are a variety of home remedies and more natural approaches to kill fleas which you may try. Most of them are not standalone approaches and must be done in conjunction with other methods.

Vacuum! Vacuum! Vacuum! Need I say more? This can be a long and tedious approach. Make sure to get everything, carpets, drapes, couches, beds. Are you tired yet? If you choose this method make sure you empty the vacuum bag outside!

Flea-Comb – Flea-combs are special brushes with fine teeth that will pick up the fleas. You can buy them at your local pet store. If you choose to use one it is definitely best to brush your pet outside and have a bucket of soapy water nearby to kill the fleas.

Lamp and Bowl of water – At night put a lamp on the floor with a bowl of water underneath. Preferably a big salad bowl or something of that size with a lamp that is tall enough for the bowl to fit underneath it. Turn the lights off in the room and then in the morning see all of the fleas you just captured!

These are just a few of the methods that work for ridding your home of fleas. Whatever you decide to do, Good Luck!