Mazda Hardtop

The hardtop for the Mazda MX5 is one of the best aftermarket accessories that you can buy for your car. Apart from the new roadster MX5 where there is a mechanical folding hardtop all the other models can benefit from this great accessory. The reason why I think it is such a great addition to the car is that during the winter months when you don't drive with a lid down very often you start to notice how noisy the car can be and is not very warm. Adding the hardtop reduces the road noise makes the cabin a much warmer place to be. Although there are many positives to the hardtop there is one big drawback and that is the problem of storing it, it is quite a large piece of kit and can take up quite a lot of room depending on how you store it.

There are three main ways that you can store your Mazda hardtop, the first to make your own storage solution, the second is to buy the stand that Mazda sell and the third is to get storage bag.

Although you can make a pretty good home-made solution to store your hardtop you still have the worry of covering it up to prevent it getting scratched or damaged in other ways, so the focus of this article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of either the stand or the storage bag.

The Stand

Personally I don't think the stand offers many advantages over the home-made solution, other than the fact that it has been specifically designed to not damage your MX5 hardtop. In essence the stand is like a tripod that you rest your hardtop against, it offers no protection from it being scratched or it being knocked over - it merely supports it in a position that takes up the least amount of floor space. If you are not short of space then this could well be the perfect solution as it is very cheap to buy.

A Storage Bag

I think the storage bag offers the best protection you can get for your Mazda hardtop when it is not on the car. Keeping your hardtop into the storage bag adequately protects it from being knocked over or being scratched. Not only this but the bag has mounting points where you can hang it on to the wall so that you can use the floor space beneath it and not have to worry about knocking the hardtop over. The storage bag lends itself to being mounted to shed walls and garage walls and so it really does offer the best flexibility of the two options.