Suffering from a stroke can be described as a "brain attack". Causes of a stroke happen when the brain tissue is cut off from oxygen. Suffering from a stroke is very serious and can lead to death. The body cannot survive without the brain. Stroke treatment and recovery can be very successful in preventing permanent damage when caught early. There are ways to avoid a stroke. The best ways to avoid a stroke requires taking better care of your brain.

Some people might experience a mini stroke early on, before eventually developing an actual stroke later on in life. A mini stroke is called a transient ischemic attack. A mini stroke doesn't cause an actual damage to the brain's tissue, or cells. A mini stroke provides the same stroke symptoms, and can only last for a couple of minutes.

A stroke causes a person to lose the ability to function properly with their brain. Signs of a stroke can be difficult for a person to function in all ways. The body responds to messages from the brain. Stroke symptoms can lead to headaches, difficulty speaking, or remembering things. Walking can become difficult for a person to do. Blurred vision is a common stroke symptom. When you're suffering from a stroke, half of your body will be paralysis. Stroke symptoms can lead to complete numbness.

Stroke recovery is possible, since medical doctors have become more equip in treating a stroke. Home remedies for a stroke can be helpful and alternative treatments. Stroke treatments consist of surgery, and stroke recovery rehabilitation centers. Depending on the stroke you have will determine the stroke treatment needed for rehabilitation.

It's important to take the proper health procedures to avoid a stroke. Being at risk of a stroke, is similar to being at risk other diseases in your body. How you treat your brain will determine how healthy it maintains. Those at risk for a stroke are over the age of 55 typically. Those who have a family history of strokes are at higher risks as well. An easy way to prevent a stroke is to cut back on foods high in cholesterol. Cholesterol clogs arteries, which clogs blood flow to your brain. Foods high in cholesterol should be avoided. Especially if you're a middle age person, who can be at risk of a stroke.

Cigarette smoking increase the chances of a stroke. To prevent a stroke naturally, you should quit smoking. Smoking cuts off oxygen to your brain. Your brain relies on oxygen, just like every part of your body does. Drinking high amounts of alcohol can eventually lead to a stroke as well. Alcohol kills brain cells.

The absolute best way to avoid a stroke with supplements, is by taking omega-3 fish oils. The DHA fats found in fish oils are fats the brain needs for survival. A good percentage of these fats make up the brain. Omega-3 helps produce healthy brain cells. Omega-3 supplements should be discussed with doctors. Especially if a patient has had a stroke recently. Eating foods high in fish and walnuts are recommended. Good brain foods are important in prevent strokes and other neurological disorders.

Good brain food outside omega-3 fatty acids are antioxidants. Antioxidants are needed in the body. Fruits and vegetables contain good amounts of minerals and vitamins needed for the brain. A good source of zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, and other sources of minerals are important for proper brain function.

Gingko is good at providing oxygen circulation to the brain. Gingko provides better cognitive functioning as well. Your brain requires proper nutrition. Olive oil is extremely healthy for the brain. Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats which are good for the brain. The brain requires good fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

No one wants to see a loved family member go through a stroke. So taking care of your brain can provide you with a longer and healthier lifestyle. Stroke recovery is certainly possible for those who've suffered from a stroke. If treat your brain properly, you can help prevent a stroke from happening.