Tips for getting website traffic

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. A lot of these websites are asking you to pay them and they will reveal the secrets to website traffic. I want to ask a serious question. Do you find yourself paying for these memberships and services to find you are not getting anywhere? Are you finding that you are spending more money then you are making money? I found that most of the sites that I try are only sending users to my site with a system that only requires them to be there for 10 seconds. This is not helping the goal I was trying to mean. I was doing some thinking and came up with a couple of tips to increase traffic to your website. My advice is to stop signing up and paying these websites making them rich when you can do some simple things to increase traffic. Save your money for improving your services. It takes time to develop a good customer base so don’t expect instant traffic over night.


5. Networking

Go searching the internet for different user looking to do the same thing you are trying to do. Start talking with them and asking them would they like to network with you to send traffic to each other’s site. You may find some genuine people who will help you get to where you need to be. There are a lot of sites that are taking advantage of people by guaranteeing traffic. You must realize this is how they make their money so you may not get a truthful answer. There is no golden method to getting traffic. You have to figure this out on your own. You can get the traffic but what good is traffic if people are not joining your site or buying your product. Get you a twitter account and join to get you some followers. This will increase your following audience on twitter for you to continue to network. Send all new followers information about you in a direct message and ask them to follow your website. Don’t pay for any more traffic unless you are using or a company that is proven to bring you results.

4. Commenting on “hot” ads

This will seem like a waste of time but it may not be if you are good at advertising. Go to some ads that match your niche and comment on those ads to have people check out your website. Comment on these post multiple times and make sure you have the URL to your website clearly listed. Go to YouTube and comment on other video. Make a video on YouTube and direct them to your site. This is gaining you a lot of audience because you are putting yourself everywhere. Make sure you discuss hot topics in your videos. The best way to gain people to your site is through a common interest. Do a couple of blogs on celebrities on different sites and then direct some of your audience to your site to check out some of your other things.

3. Write Articles

If you have writing skills, start writing articles. This is one of the ways to cover a lot of ground. If you write multiple articles with good content, you will show up in the search engines a lot when people are searching for things. The goals is to put yourself out there ask much as possible. Write about everything and anything and make sure you have great content. People are always searching for advice. Your best option is to offer this for free and make sure the content you post is true. This will ensure that you have loyal customer for your website. If you don’t have writing skills, you could pay someone for writing articles. You could pay anywhere from 10-25 dollars.

2. Business cards and flyers

Make some business cards to pass out and flyers to pass out. This is a great way to get you to people who don’t need to search the internet for various things. You can place the business cards on different cars in the area that closely match your niche site. There are plenty of companies that will make your business cards relatively cheap.

1. Free Giveaways

Customers love loyalty programs, free gifts, free money, or anything free. People love to get stuff for free and without working for it. Come with a program to get your customers to want to follow you. You can profit share. Share your profit with your members. Make sure you give your members what I call a just because gift. This is a gift you will give all your members as a thank you for being a member on your site.