The best ways to flirt with a guy should come naturally. Flirting with a guy is important for girls and women to learn to do effectively. Why is flirting important for a girl? Well, how else is a guy going to ask you out for starters? This might explain why you're single, and not getting asked out by guys very often. The fact that you're not flirting effectively could explain why. A guy usually doesn't ask a girl out if he can't get some kind of feeling she's interested.

Effective flirting techniques can help in quite a few ways. It can possibly develop more interest from guys, and can really be fun for you to experience. Flirting is always one of first tell-tell signs that he or she is into you. The best ways to flirt with a guy must come natural. You shouldn't go outside of your comfort zone, since that will make things a little awkward. Awkward flirting doesn't always go hand-to-hand.

To really flirt effectively requires you to be comfortable with yourself. You probably tend to flirt with a guy more than you realize. Flirting signs can come off unnoticed, just casual, or even too sudden. How you carry yourself will determine how smooth, or unpolished you'll come off when flirting with a guy. When you notice the guy flirting with you, then he's definitely looking for something to go off of. He's expecting, or hoping you'll flirt back so it can be a tell-tell sign to eventually ask you out. Flirting with a guy the right way can make guys notice you and stand out more. This article will show you how to flirt with a guy. How to flirt with a guy must take time and patience when doing it the right way. Don't drink all of your wine in one gulp. Fine wine should be savored.

1.) Be confident. You got to be confident and sure of yourself when flirting. To flirt effectively with a guy requires a girl to be sure of herself. Be yourself and don't force flirting on him. Be content in who you are. When you're content in yourself while flirting, it just oozes turn on for a guy. Just like women, men love confidence as well. Don't be arrogant, brag, or show off. Just don't be down on yourself, insecure, or show uncertainty. Show him right away that you're a woman or girl that plays by your own rules.

2.) Avoid sexual flirtation. I'm not here to preach morals. However, I think flirting filled with sexuality is a bad way to go. Don't wear extra short skirts, tight clothes, or cleavage as a way to flirt with a guy. Not unless you're trying to potentially have a meaningful relationship with a guy. Sexual flirting sets off the wrong kind of impressions to a guy. Keep flirting clean and innocent if you're looking for something special. Of course I'm not suggesting you dress like you're working in construction or something. Dress nice, classy, and simple even. If he's attracted to you, then he's plenty aware of that already.

3.) Mock him in tongue-and-cheek manners. Teasing a guy is a good way of flirting. As long as its innocent, and not meant to cause any harm. Truthfully, guys love to be teased by a girl. For some reason it provides them with comfort and even can humble them. A content guy can really respect a girl who humbles them. If you notice that he giggles, smiles, or even blushes then you're heading in the right path. This is the first method to flirting with a guy.

Don't give him any compliments yet, and don't imply yet this early you're clearly interested. The thrill of the chase can be fun for a guy. It makes them realize your worth too. If you go in too quick, then he might take you for granted. First stage of flirting results in poking fun at him in innocent ways. Laughter is the first method of flirting. Engage in humor in general with him. You want to be relaxed, and make him feel relaxed as well. Just simply joking and laughing a lot is a great sign. If he's not engaging in much humor with you, then this is potentially a bad sign. Unless he's just the grim reaper.

4.) Be subtle when flirting and pick your moments. There's a very thin line when it comes to flirting. You don't want to overdue it, and you need to mix it up. How to flirt with a guy shouldn't be the exact same every time you're around him. The more receptive he starts to be with your interactions, then the less subtle you start to be with flirting.

You pick your moments carefully. Specifically you go by the mood in the atmosphere as well. When the two of you are laughing, you might pick this moment to poke some fun at them. When he talks about something serious or personal, then give him a genuine compliment. Flirting shouldn't be phony or forced. It should come during appropriate moments.

Never compliment a guy when it's not needed. Empty compliments come across as desperate flirting, or just being phony nice. Compliments can be great flirting techniques when used right. Your body language should be nice and relaxed. Your eyes should be looking directly into his, while speaking in a soft and sweet tone when giving a compliment. Flirting is the simplest thing in the world, and should be kept simple.

5.) Engage in flirting body language when he flirts with you. As your flirting progresses, you can act a little more aggressive if he's being receptive up to this point. Coming off strong flirting right away is a bad idea. You start off flirting just to the point where he needs to question himself about it. Then you eventually and slowly make it more obvious and a little more engaging. Proper flirting requires the right kind of body language. You can't stare at the floor, and expect to have effective flirting techniques.

Most importantly, flirting effectively requires counteractive flirting as well. When he teases you, then tease him back tongue-and-cheek style. If he gives you a compliment, then smile or wink at him. Giggle if he makes a mistake, then mention "how cute it was". One of the effective tongue-and-cheek ways to flirt with a guy is giggling at them when they screw up, then calling them cute for it. Make him well aware that his flirting techniques are welcome.

Flirting the right way pays off in time

The most important part of flirting with a guy is setting your own pace to it. Too slow of a pace you could miss your chance. A slower pace is still better than fast. A good girl is suppose to be like fine wine. It's better when you can savor it. So be like fine wine to really knock the socks off a guy. Going too fast and sudden doesn't allow you to savor. Going by instinct and gut feeling works the best too.

There's no exact and proper way to flirt with a guy. It comes down to the right girl, confidence, communicating, and just being who you are. Effective flirting techniques requires patience, control, humor, body language, and being genuine.
Make eye contact, smile at him when he says something nice about you. Laugh at his jokes even if they're not funny. You can laugh at them for not being funny. Flirting requires attention.

You're the girl, and you are more in control than the guy is when it comes to flirting. How much, or how little you flirt with a guy will determine where things can potentially go. The minute you have to force yourself to flirt, then you're getting yourself into a bad situation. Flirting that comes off natural will make the best impression on a guy. Just be more engaging with guys in general, then you'll come off flirting better naturally.