High blood pressure (hypertension) is an immense medical problem worldwide and in America alone it is thought that over 50 million people suffer from it. The bad news is that many people with recurrent headaches are actually suffering from high blood pressure, and yet they remain undiagnosed and at risk of numerous fatal conditions such as cardiovascular disease and renal failure. Current high blood pressure prescription medication is not always proved to be successful in some individuals and with it brings a range of side effects. For these reasons it is often better to lower blood pressure naturally, and achieve an ideal blood pressure of 120/80 without high blood pressure medications. There are many ways to achieve ideal blood pressure naturally through dietary change, exercise and smoking cessation.

Regarding diet, it is not rocket science here. You need to make sure you are eating at least 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables daily. Incorporate a high fibre content into your diet by eating high fibre cereal and wholemeal bread. Swap white rice for brown rice too. With fruit eat more berries including strawberries and blueberries as they have been proven to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure levels naturally. Bananas are also important for regulation of potassium levels, and kidney function, which are both involved in control of blood pressure levels. It is also important to limit your salt intake by avoiding processed foods.

Exercise is not only beneficial in lowering your blood pressure naturally but also in helping with weight loss. Of course weight loss too helps to lower blood pressure, so exercise has positive direct and indirect effects on blood pressure. Exercise also helps lower stress levels. Brisk walking thirty minutes each day will help in lowering blood pressure levels naturally. If possible try other forms of aerobic exercise too, such as swimming or jogging.

For those smokers amongst you it is very important you give up the nicotine sticks, as they lead to increased risk of coronary artery disease and other heart disease. Tar from smoking builds up in arteries as plaque and means the heart has to increase the pressure of the blood in order to move blood around the body. Prolonged high blood pressure levels will lead to a stroke or heart attack.

Incorporating these dietary and lifestyle changes is very important to help lower your blood pressure naturally without taking prescription medications. These changes are worthwhile as they can save your life.