The best ways to make an impression on a girl can secure a potential romantic interest from her. Asking a girl on a date is process. You can't just ask right away, and always expect a date with a girl. Asking a girl on a date requires making an impression first. Girls like guys who care content and can prove something to them. Finding ways to make an impression on a girl can be simple. It doesn't always require hidden secrets, tricks, or smooth one-liners to impress them.

When you try to charm a girl, you always want to be true to who you are. Girls look for honestly in a guy. Honesty is something that is hard to come by in general. If you got a girl or woman that you want to date, then do go away from honesty. Honesty will generate instant respect from a young girl and especially a woman. To date a girl and make an impression doesn't revolve in cheap tactics or gimmicks. Avoiding bad pickup lines is something you'll most certainly want to do. Girls are easy to impress if you establish generosity, honesty, and respect. You don't have to sweet talk your way with them. Sweet talk comes off trying too hard.

The best ways to make an impression on a girl starts with simple basics. You don't have to drive an expensive sports car, look like Paul Newman, or have lots of money. You don't got to be a tough guy, boastful, or go out of your way to make an impression on a girl. Simple methods work better. When you do too much, you make a bad impression on a girl. Basics are important to remember and you should stick with them. If can't put too much into dating girls. There's four qualities they're basically looking for, then the rest comes down to your own individual personality. Eventually the real you comes out and they'll be disappointed if you fake that in the beginning. No girl likes to be mislead.

Top ways to impress a girl

1.) Respect. Any girl you want to impress will require respect. Respect means not talking about girls in degrading ways. Respect doesn't require treating them like an object. They are a person, a human being, and they have feelings. Consider their feelings, not your own. Respect requires to pay attention to their thoughts, needs, and the person that they are. You can't ignore them, and make them feel unimportant. Respect is a very simple thing to give to a girl. It's something they need from a boy.

2.) Be confident, but never cocky. Very thin line between the two. Cocky and boastful means talking about yourself a lot, or going out of your way to show off. Bad idea that puts insecurity, or just a jerk into their thoughts.. A girl is turned off by a guy who feels the need to brag, boast, and be too self-involved. You don't have to tell a girl, or show off. You can impress them by being humble, and quiet about personal accomplishments or qualities. They have two eyes, they'll see you for who you really are.

It's okay to be confident, because a girl definitely likes a confident man or boy. Insecurity will ruin your chance with a girl. Insecurity can turn into pity, and you don't want that. An easy way to be confident is by being who you are. If you can feel comfortable with yourself, then you'll come off more confident. Don't try to be like other guys, or fit into specific guy mold. Bad idea, that makes you look silly. Except who you are, and understand you have something different to bring to the table. Being unique and different can be an easy way to feel confident. Unique and different is something girls want.

3.) Show off your personality. First off, you got to talk to girls to make a great impression on them. How else are they going to get to know you? Be personal with them. Tease her in innocent ways. Jokes and laughter is an easy way to break tension. You want to make a girl feel good. Laughter is one of the easiest ways for them to enjoy your company. Being funny around a girl is not very difficult. You don't have to be jokester just to make a girl smile, or laugh. Just don't be so tensed. Relax, calm down, and talk to her in engaging ways. Share funny stories or moments with her.

4.) Be sensitive and not afraid to express your emotions. Remember how I said girls dig honesty? Well honestly means not holding back. Don't be afraid to admit you've watched The Notebook. Don't be afraid to admit Bryan Ferry's "Slave to Love" is one of your favorite songs. Heck, poke fun at yourself about it if you need to. Show a girl what you're capable of not taking things too seriously, but at the same time show you do have a sensitive side as well. Surprising a girl is one of the best things you can do.

Girls love a guy who can really open up who they are to them. You can't be too worried about appearances, because that shows you're not content with your feelings and who you are. A girl loves it when a guy is in touch with their feelings. At the same time, you don't want to be too serious that you come off emotionally unstable. Make no mistake, a girl wants a guy.

5.) Talk to her. Talk about things and get a feel what her interests are. Talk about music, movies, or the weather if needed. You want to develop her interests and compare them with yours. You need interesting and simulated talks. The more you can go off, the better your conversations can be. Good conversations can be very appealing to a girls interest. They want a guy they can talk to, and not just be awkward around. This shouldn't be hard since both of you are probably in the same age group, and have similar interests.

6.) Listen to her. You're a little shy, and unsure about what to talk about? That's okay, ask questions about her. Being able to just listen and allow a girl to open up herself is not a bad thing at all. You never want to talk too much anyways. Asking about a girl is very good way to make an impression. Showing that you're interested about her opinions, and interests means something. Girls want attention and want a guy to take notice of them.

7.) Let the mood, atmosphere, and situation dictate itself. Asking a girl out too soon possibly can ruin it. Maybe she doesn't know you well enough to feel comfortable yet. Let the mood and situation dictate itself. Get to know her as a friend more first. The more you interact with a girl first, the better your chances are later. The more she gets to know you, the more of an impression you can make. Being a friend first is a great way to make an impression.

Just remember to step up to the plate when the timing feels right. You don't want to get stuck in the friend mode. Don't always tell her what she wants to hear. Tell her what you think she needs to hear. Don't always act the way she'd expect. Act the way that generates attention, and leaves a different taste in her mouth. These methods should stay within who you are, not be forced into what she expects.

The difference between the "nice guy" and "right guy" is the truth. Nice guys, "the friend" does everything she expects. You can't always get what you want. Sometimes you can get what you need. The right guy does everything a girl needs. Be genuine and completely honest to yourself. Be completely genuine and honest with her. A girl needs a guy they can count on, not a guy that tells everything they want to hear. Not a guy that does everything they'd expect.

Respect, communicating well, listening, showing your emotions, show your sense of humor, and having confidence might all be things a girl needs and also expects. These are good formula's to follow. These formula's shouldn't also be confused with being something they want, saying what they want, and doing what they expect. If you really want to make an impression on a girl, it comes down to staying true to yourself. There's no thrill in having everything go the way we expect in life. If so, what would be the point?

Making an impression on a girl can take time and some girls might just have different taste. You can't fault that, everyone is different. Looking good, dressing nice, and having a nice haircut are just cheap and short-terms tactics on making a good impression on a girl. That doesn't work if you want to make a lasting and meaningful impression on a girl.

Signs to look for: As time plays out, you'll be able to pickup possible tell-tale signs that you're making a good impression. Here's a brief lists of clues that she's giving you subtle messages that you're making an impression on her.

* Laughing at your jokes and smiling a lot

* Lots of innocent teasing and poking fun at you

* Asking your opinion a lot on things. Especially clothes and hair styles of hers.

* Telling you a lot of personal and private information about her life.

* Consulting your advice frequently, especially on personal matters.

* Throwing playful flirting signs at you that consists of winking, giggling, constant smiling, playful hitting, or making body contact.

* Notices a change in your appearance and mentions it. For example, new shoes, haircut, new cologne or even clothes. She's taking notice of your physical appearance.