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Mosquito bites do not often require much in the way of medical treatment, unless one is extremely allergic to the bite of this insect he or she can likely use mosquito bite treatments sold over the counter in order to alleviate the mainly annoying itching that is generally associated with these biting insects.  Many treatments provide some relief, but the best way to avoid this discomfort and the search for good mosquito bite treatments is to simply make it as difficult as possible for these insects to bite in the first place.

Mosquito bite treatments

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For those who have already been bitten by a mosquito there are all kinds of mosquito bite treatments that can work.  Many simply swab a bit of alcohol or witch hazel over the area to help keep the itch at bay.  Others who have a more serious itch may want to try calamine, an antihistamine lotion or even a steroidal cream.  Home remedies include making a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the area; resisting scratching will also help, as will deodorant rubbed over the bite, lemon juice, bleach, and  aloe. 

Preventing Mosquito Bites

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One can prevent Mosquito bites by using one of several products.  Unlike mosquito bite treatments that only work for some people the preventive measures one can take are generally more effective across the board and insure that one will not suffer anywhere near the number of bites and the awful itch that accompanies them. One of the best products for keeping critters that bite away is mosquito netting.  This is great for camping, for sleeping in the evenings, for use with baby strollers or porta-cribs and so much more.  One can get mosquito netting bed canopies and head gear and so much more.

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Another great idea is mosquito spray or repellant that is a liquid that is sprayed onto the skin.  It keeps mosquitos from biting as they are repelled by the chemicals in the spray.  Many of these sprays contain chemicals that will kill both the insects and their larvae on contact so that they do not get a chance to bite and therefore that itchy situation can be avoided.  When one avoids a bite there is no need to look for mosquito bite treatments or to suffer.

When it comes to insect repellants one can find natural repellants or chemical repellants depending upon which is preferred by the user.  Natural repellants often contain citronella oil or garlic and some even contain eucalyptus or lemon oil.  Chemicals such as DEET or permethrin which are strong insect repellants that are capable of keeping one from becoming cover with bites even when out at dusk or long into the evening. 

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Often, one can have the areas that are commonly used by themselves or their friends and family treated to reduce the number of mosquitos in the area.  Citronella oil torches or candles can be lit.  There are several repellant products marketed today that do a very good job.  One can also plant various species of plants that can act to repel mosquitos.  All of which means fewer bites and much less of a need to deal with the trial and error of mosquito bite treatments.