Duo Silver Guns and Star Light Belt Buckle

The best western belt buckles for men are made with fine quality and style. Western belt buckles for men are a hot item, and some of most popular belt buckles on the market. Western belt buckles have been popular since the old west became romanticized in American culture. Custom western belt buckles can be designed from your request, or you can purchase a cool looking western belt buckle that suits your preference. A variety of different western belt buckles can provide the best cowboy look that suites your personality.

Old fashion western belt buckles remain popular to this day. Cowboy belt buckles make for a popular accessory to wear. Western belt buckles for men particularly became popular from hollywood. A lot of western movie stars like Clint Eastwood for example made western belt buckles a popular fashion style to wear. Western belt buckles weren't actually worn in the old west. Suspenders were commonly worn for old time cowboys to hold their pants up.

Despite that, western belt buckles for men have become a culture phenomenon in men's fashion. Some western belt buckles can cost quite a bit of money. Custom western belt buckles are more expensive. Western belt buckles can be made out of silver, copper, gold, and plastic. The best western belt buckles can make a statement that defines you as a cowboy.

Montana Silversmiths Two Tone Soaring Eagle Belt buckle - This is a fine western belt buckle for men. Contains a hand painted eagle design, soaring over the mountain. The eagle is gold plated on the western belt buckle. The mountains are plated in silver. A protecting coating is added to prevent tarnishing. It has a very bling kind of western belt buckle style to it. However, this is a very good western belt buckle for men who have a preferable taste in nature.

Jack Daniel's oval belt buckle - The Jack Daniel's design is one of the best western belt buckles for men. A popular liquor, that lot of old time cowboys love to drink. Nothing says a good western belt buckle for men than a logo that sports your favorite whiskey.You can find these western belt bucks in silver or gold plated. You can also purchase Jack Daniel's western belt buckles in gift sets that come with a Jack Daniel's flask as well. Jack Daniel's liquor drinkers will appreciate these western belt buckles.

Duo Silver Guns and Star Light Belt Buckle - One of the best western belt buckles for men is the Duo Silver Guns and Star Light Belt Buckle. With a really cool design two silver guns, and a star light to cover. These western belt buckler are available in gold as well, but I think the silver makes for a better western belt buckle personally. However, which ever you prefer, both are quite cool looking designs for any Clint Eastwood gunslinger lover.

Montana Silversmiths skull & feathers buckle - If you're looking for an old fashion western belt buckle, then this design might be for you. The belt buckle contains a Native American holding a skull at the center of the belt buckle, on the forehead of a skull. Made with a cast brass, and acid washed with antique patina. This belt is handcrafted and make for a cool western belt buckle design.

Longhorn Belt buckle - One of the best western belt buckles for men is definitely the longhorn. Anyone from the part of Texas might prefer the longhorn style western belt buckle. The longhorn Steer Fancy Western Belt Buckle makes for a really stylish longhorn logo to wear. Made with gold and crome, and used with heavy plating to give it durability. Some other highly recommended longhorn belt buckles can consist of longhorn skull head buckle.

Chrome Naked Lady Belt buckle - A sexy naked cowgirl is plated with crome, and makes for great western belt buckles for men. The belt buckle goes great with a leather belt. Handcrafted and design for any cowboy man who loves himself a cowgirl.