We all have dreams in life. Be it to travel the world or become a famous painter, everyone has something they want to do before they die. But a lot of people never get to live out their dreams, and part of the reason for that is because our society is designed to prevent the general population from doing just that. This causes a lot of people to fall into one of the many traps of life, which keep us from living out our dreams.

For instance, people today are conditioned to believe they need to achieve security in life before actually living it. And that is fine, if you feel like you need that. But this longing for security will lead to a series of traps, which will stop you from actually doing what you were planning to do once you had that security. Following are some of the most dangerous traps you can fall into that will prevent you from living your dream.


#1: Going to College

This may seem like an obvious thing to do - we've all been conditioned to continue studying after high school. In today's society, it's regarded as highly irresponsible to take time off from studying to pursue one's dreams, and therefore most people go straight from high school to college without a second thought. Its just something we're supposed to do.

But for those who have other dreams (such as traveling the world, or living abroad for a year), college can be one of the biggest traps in your entire life. Not only does it root you down for several years while you study and require you to take large student loans, but it also sets off a series of other traps. Such as:

#2: Getting Into a Comitted Relationship

A lot of people acquire comitted relationships while in college, which they remain in as they graduate. And while this is all swell (it might even be a goal for many people), it is one of the main reasons people abandon or postpone their original plans for life. "Well I can't go to Australia for a year right now, I have a girlfriend here!"

At this point, some people are already starting to give up on their dreams, believing it is too late for them, while others cling tight to their plans, telling themselves they'll have time for those things later. And while this may be true, it will become more and more difficult the older you get.

Also, at this point, right after college, most people are desperately searching for jobs (or lucky enough to have one already), so that they can start supporting themselves and pay off their student loans. And that's when you know you're really screwed.

#3: Getting a Career

By now, you probably don't have much choice other than to get a job and start a career. You can't really stay at your parents' house anymore, so you need to find your own place, and you can't travel the world without any money. Also, that degree you just earned must be used for something, right? Otherwise you would have just wasted several years of your life studying. So you get some random job, telling yourself you'll only work there for a while to get up on your feet.

But then you get promoted, or something else happens to keep you from leaving that work place. And the longer you stay, the harder it will be to leave, and the more trapped you become, until you reach that point where you feel like you're too old to switch careers anyway. Which is when you start telling yourself you'll just wait until retirement, and then fulfill your dreams. Because then you can do whatever you want, right?

#4: Waiting for Retirement

So you've postponed your plans of living out your dreams from "right after college", to "as soon as I've scraped together enough money", all the way to "as soon as I'm retired". Congratulations, you just became the average person!

Sure, a lot of people fulfill their dreams later in life, and perhaps you'll be one of them. But it's worth pointing out that you are way less likely to succeed at an old age. First off, there's the obvious reason: you'll be old. Much of your spirit and energy will be gone by the time you retire, and many things will be much more difficult to accomplish now than when you were young. Secondly, by this time, you'll have a lot of bonds back home - children, grandchildren, spouses, etc. that may keep you from leaving where you are.

And lastly: you may not even be alive to see this day. I don't mean to be a downer here, but there's a 47-year long gap between the time you finish high school and the day you retire, and a lot can happen in 47 years.

Now, I'm not saying that all of these traps are necessarily bad. You'll wan't to fall into at least some of them in your life, otherwise it wouldn't be much of a life at all. But the danger comes when rushing into all of these things, before you have a chance to live your life the way you want to live it. That's when they truly become traps, and they will prevent you from living your dreams.

So take the chance to live out your dreams while you can; you may not be able to in the future.