You probably know what a boomerang is but have you heard the fantastic legend about its origin? Also, do you know the current competition events or have you at least seen modern shaped boomerangs?

If not, here is an article that will tell you more about this object. Have a look.

The Australian Aboriginal Legend

According to the Australian Aboriginal legend, in the early days of Dreamtime, people had to crawl because the sky was so low it was almost touching the ground. One day, an old chief stopped at a pool to drink and saw a beautiful straight stick. He then thought: "With this stick I will push up the sky and we will be able to stand up". So he pushed and pushed until the sky went up to where it is today. Looking at his stick, he saw it was bent and would not be useful anymore so he threw it away but the sky did not want it and sent it back to him.

The boomerang was born (the legend is told by Les and Arthur Janetski).

Australia Cairns BoomerangCredit: Guillaume Blanchard

Credit Guillaume Blanchard, Aoineko

Evolution from a Weapon to a Toy and Then to a Sport

The boomerang was probably used as a weapon to hunt, either to make birds come to your direction (the sound of the boomerang would come from the opposite direction). It could also be that the boomerang is the result of an evolution of the throwing stick (non-returning boomerang), used to hunt preys as big as kangaroos.

Aboriginal craftCredit:

Credit: Fir0002 /

It was then used as a toy or a hobby. Throwing it in the air expecting it to come back with a degree of success depending on the skills of the thrower (and on the quality of the boomerang).

Not so many people know that this has now become a sport with important competitions, international organisation and several official events (accuracy, aussie round, fast catch, long distance ...). 

Incredible Boomerang Tricks!

Boomerang Designs

This is the image most people have in mind when they think about a boomerang.

BoomerangCredit: Kocio

However, the design has evolved since then and there are now  many different and original shapes. Below with 2, 3 and 4 wings.



Finally, here are some beautiful ones, painted by David Hirsch, President of the USBA. The photos below are reproduced here with his kind permission.

Voyager 1st designCredit: David Hirsch


Hirsch SnakeCredit: David Hirsch

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How to Throw a Boomerang

Here is a video with step-by-step instructions.

Why Not Give it a Try?

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Also, don't hesitate to join a local club near to you, this is the best way to meet people, learn and have fun!