The control of us through brainwashing

Public brainwashing and mind control

We don't think about it too much, because perhaps it seems like fiction, but with the advancement of technology and various techniques that have been studied, mind control is something closer to our reality than we think. China has known about mind control and been practising various techniques for hundreds of years. They even used these techniques against U.S soldiers during the Korean war. The C.I.A have been exploring various mind control techniques covertly since the 1940's and 50's with the MK Ultra projects. I'm sure this all sounds like a conspiracy theory, but let's have a look at some basic mind control techniques and how we are exposed to them.

Logically, the best way to brainwash mass numbers of people, is to do it without them knowing it. Brainwashing by consent, if you will. Is that even possible? Yes, if you have the right systems in place. You would have to keep them pre-occupied, so their attentions are averted and use what you know against them. Us humans have an ego, which is responsible for our survival. Man will do what is necessary to survive, to prolong life and procreate, to propagate it. What is necessary in our current society to survive? Money. Money is our incentive for everything these days. We get a job, work and often slave away to earn money to survive. This keeps us pre-occupied and sets the stage for global brainwashing.

Many people work jobs that take up most of their lives. There are still others who have jobs that pay inadequately and they are forced to have two or more jobs. Some of those people are parents and single parents, who still have a family to take care of. That already limits the interaction between parent and child, which is the original, ultimate form of education. Young minds are easily impressionable, and the weaker the link between child and parent, the more susceptible the child is to outside influence. The parent is exhausted working inhumane work hours, leading to sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is a technique used in interrogation and mind control. When the mind is tired it is more susceptible to suggestion.

Media is huge and its no wonder why it is big business. Media uses human emotion to their advantage. Do you know what happens to your brain when you watch T.V? Basically, brain activity switches from the left to the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere houses logical thought. It critically analyses information that is received, whereas the right hemisphere treats information uncritically, processing whole chunks of information, leading to emotional instead of a logical response. The shift from the left to right hemisphere brain activity also releases endorphins, making you feel good. So it is possible to physically become addicted to watching T.V. This coupled with clever advertising ploys and emotional news, can contribute to mind control – not thinking for yourself, especially when you are exhausted from work, or you are a child who is easily impressionable. 

Another technique that is used is one of confusion or disorientation. These days it is hard to tell truth from fiction. Even the “facts” you find in high school text books are doctored half-truths and bias opinions and views. This confuses us, not knowing what to think and with the pressures of everyday life, hardly having the time to seek the truth. We depend on newspapers and T.V news which are often corrupted. Dishing out conflicting views and doctrines to confuse us, leaving us open to suggestion. One just needs to look at the game of politics. Is there anything more confusing? Even the same parties have conflicting views. This technique may seem harmless to some, but consider those who possibly didn't have a strong education. Most of the world is in poverty, so if you are literate and actually have some decent kind of education, then consider yourself lucky. Is education perhaps controlled? Who determines curriculum? Who is to say what facts are important and what subjects are useless? If you control education you control the future; if you can convince the youth to accept and embrace doctrines, then the future is yours. All it takes is patience.

Music is an incredible phenomenon. There are many experiments done with music that yielded bizarre results. For instance, using music as therapy for certain ailments. Just like anything music can be used for good and bad, it's the duality of existence. Another technique used in brainwashing is repetition. I can't help but notice the amount of repetition in mainstream pop music. It may be a three and a half-minute song, but it will have one phrase repeated throughout the entire song. That is pop music. Popular music. This is what the majority want to listen to. Ever wondered why jazz, even though it is incredibly popular, only gets a fraction of a percentage of coverage that the pop culture get? Jazz is probably the most expressive form of music, free of borders, free of the constant four bar phrase of repetition that pop music embraces. The lyrics that some pop songs repeat, you will agree, have no substance, but the fans will gladly chant along, no matter what the lyrics mean. This is the music that is constantly on MTV and on the radio everyday. Constantly bombarding us by the media.

Probably one of the most effective ways to brainwash a population is the use of fear. Fear propagated by the news and T.V. Reporters and journalists just waiting for the systems that are put in place, to become too much for some poor soul. So they snap. They snap because they can't afford rent for their family, they cannot provide food because his job doesn't pay enough. All the pressures of these confusing systems will have its toll on those who can't afford it. The pressure is too great, so they snap. Violently. The news will report it and all the other horrendous stories so we can stay informed. But T.V encourages your brain to think emotionally. News is a good conductor of fear. A community caught up in fear tend to respond emotionally. Their perception is slightly distorted by emotion and are more likely to be manipulated.
So, are we being brainwashed? I don't know, but from what I see in the world, it is not impossible. Maybe everything these days is some form of mind control or brainwashing, that is the consumer society we live in. One that is ripe with competition, and everyone wants you to follow their lead. So how do we know where to go, or who to follow? I guess the logical answer would be, don't follow anyone. If everything is a form of brainwashing trying to convince you of who you are, then shouldn't you perhaps take the time of finding out who you are for yourself? The more you know about yourself, the more of an individual you are, and more control you have over your decisions. This will lead to self-awareness and self-realization, which I believe will eventually lead to spirituality. The sheep are the ones that follow mindlessly, don't be brainwashed into accepting just because it is “normal” or “popular”. Come to your own conclusions.