The Changing of India

It is said that the most beautiful girl can only give what she has. In other words, there are limitations to high expectations from all that is opulence. India is a very rich country where many indigent people live. That is the impression abridged with India. The image of India is or has been relentless strife confounded with acute poverty and backwardness. One Catherine Mayos, a writer and politician in the west, once branded India as a nuisance to the world; while others opined that India's food problem, when it got worse in the annals of fifties, would be solved and progress would move in strides if it allowed beef eating! Likewise, there came a flood of unsolicited counsels from all corners of the world over a period of years and decades. But India did not buzz. It continued its traditional ways in all walks of life and it still does so without a strand of doubt in its disposition. It has, perhaps, its own definition of progress and prosperity. The multiplicity of language, color & creed are all bound together that go into making of great India as it has ever been in the map of the world.

Someone once barbed, what held India together was the game of cricket. Perhaps to some extent it is so. Besides, there are a number of things that help it stay unwaveringly consolidated. The most prominent among them is the system of politics. Democracy has deterred all evils of its impending disintegration. At one time states like Kashmir and Punjab were at the verge of going apart from the federation. The wars of cessation raged for almost a decade and then concluded on some phony democratic political adjustments. The main sticking force was democracy and the cricket being only the secondary motive. It is worthwhile to praise the fans of cricket. Cricket is the life blood of the masses, surpassing all age limits. The cricketers are the new demigods of India, surpassing all political super stars. Cricket is bringing changes in politics across the Indo-Pak boarders, too. Within the Indian nation, moreover, states are losing the gloat of state identity. This is a good sign. Sport is gaining a new arena where people are helped to unite. For example, peoples' China and Taiwan representing together in some world events, North and South Korea doing the same softens all existing malice and prejudices between the two peoples. Sports mania has been fostering global understanding and respect for each other across the globe. If India could come to meet Pakistan on this base, which it is already doing, it could foster a new life in the region. Guns would be soon gone and politics would have to be redefined. Miracles do happen once in a while in the history of peoples. Let us hope they will happen here as well.

There are vital changes taking place in the India. The creed is the other barrier being broken down at various locations. Inter cast marriages are taking place in a wider scale of change. Education is replacing the old customs. Likewise, the malpractices of dowry system together with the child marriage are on the run! And so is the curse of untouchables. The literacy rate is rising, adult education centers, vocational or otherwise, are ubiquitous, employment is on the rise, finance is growing, and there is opulence in the air of India.

A few years ago a bicycle was a luxury; but today motorbikes and even cars are becoming household necessities. Television, cell phone, internet, and refrigerator are among the few items majority of homes own. Computers have grown in a huge way; the competition strides against China only. Multinationals are flocking all over especially in the South. Bengal has not heard of single labor strife in Three decades now. In transport net India is building its Super Highways linking North- South and East- West. The Railway network is also undergoing a lasting transformation in the way of speed as well as comfort. There is moreover one great project underway that needs to be completed as soon as possible -------- it is the River Linking Project in the Northern. The thirst of India will be met with abundance in water. So India is indeed changing for the better. They are great, tangible changes which all humanity ought to covet. The outcomes of these works are all too gigantic to outline here.

India has one more task to undertake, and undertake soon. It is to bring a lasting peace in this region. The inferno in Sri Lanka and the trust among its immediate neighbors are major issues that cry out to be looked after. This century promises great many achievements for this region.