Bandeau bras are the simplest bra available. Basically, they are one continuous piece of material that slips over the woman's head and arms. The user positions them without any straps or buckles. The word comes from "bandeaux," which in French means "to bind." The simplicity of the style has been popular for thousands of years-they were used by Leda, of the Greek myth Leda and the Swan, where the god Zeus came to Leda in the form of a swan. The stretchy material fits tightly around the breasts, providing support without the need of straps. Tube tops are basically the same as a bandeau bra top. They can be any material (as long as it has elasticity), color or decorative pattern a woman or girl could desire. They may also wear these in lieu of a standard type of bra. Some bandeau bras are not totally simple material--they can have a bit of ruching in the front center to give them a more fashionable and decorative look.

Many wear the bandeau bra top because it is strapless, allows them to tan their shoulders or wear strapless clothing in comfort both day and if they wish, the night. Some bras have added a bit more padding and underwire support in cups so they will be comfortable and support women with larger cup sizes in comfort. Typical fabrics are nylon or spandex. There may be straps that are detachable so the wearer can use them if needed. Some can be turned inside out and have different colors or patterns, so the wearer can in effect have a totally different tube top.

The fashion form version of the bandeau bra is designed to go with fashionable clothing, where strapless support is necessary. They have extra support and lift supplied with reinforced panels and some light padding. They also receive support from wireless cups and gatherings at the center, all so that any kind of fashion the woman wears will have an attractive and flattering profile at the bust. The flowing, light material of an elegant fashion will not have any unsightly lumps. Fashion bandeaux bra tops allow women to handle a long, formal evening in comfort without any uncomfortable, tight bras. Some bandeaux do employ wireless cups, pads that can be removed according to the occasion and the wearer's needs, and some even come with the traditional bra hook closures. Most bras are simple slip ons; others are outfitted with elegant trim such as fancy lace-trimmed cups.

These bras supply comfort and support to women of all cup sizes. Their soft fabrics that supply cool comfort and stretchiness, usually a combination of cotton and spandex, allow every female to enjoy their advantages. Women should definitely try these on before buying one, especially if you have a large cup size. The wrong size that does strange things to your bust profile could be disastrous to your appearance. Compare the feeling of ones that employ hooks with those that do not, and see if the optional straps are comfortable, or too flimsy or thin for your size, and uncomfortable if you needed them. All these bras are supposed to be machine washable and supply great comfort and looks. Be careful in your selection and you can join the ranks of ladies who are enjoying the extra comfort with support received from bandeau bra tops.