Confusion, better known as perplexity, is an innate characteristic that every human is burdened with. Since the day man was made, we have asked questions in hope of finding the answers. Whether or not we find the correct answers sometimes doesn't matter, for it is the support we seek. We come into this world knowing nothing and embark on a journey that might go past this carnal stage of this pilgrimage. For there are many tasks we begin, finish and leave incomplete. Life itself is a mission we all lead contrived and constructed of several parts you must be articulate.

From the day we are born, a chronology begins. A list of events that compile, make, and break our character. It is the past that affects our future. But it is the action of us performing that we must do in order to find out what will be the outcome. Very few people need not learn from their mistakes but from the mishaps of others. This wisdom we must dwell on and pass it down to every generation. It is ironic that people say ,"If I possessed this knowledge I had now back then I'd be a genius". But yet they themselves fail to pass the knowledge down, fearing that the young are too young and several other reasons. Our lives as a whole are like footsteps in the sand, sometimes they change direction, sometimes they stop and sometimes they regress, but it is a straight line we must navigate and follow. This straight line will be achieved if we provide just and true knowledge, for the lessons we are taught are not always pure. Life is an arduous adventure of which we all have the capability of making the best of.

Perplexity is the state of confusion and uncertainty. It has dated back since the book of genisis and the bible and even before that. It was the perplexity of Paul we all can relate to. "Why do I do the things I do?" A question that you will ask yourself at least once in your life. Whether these things we do are hereditary, habitual, "normal" is for you to choose. It is yourself that provides the best and relative knowledge. Right and wrong is for you to decide, if it is the norm you seek what makes you think that it is normal? For instance recently I have been trying to rid myself of addictive behaviors, finding the answers to most of my problems this is it. A Conscience is a conversation with several voices, it is these voices that supply us with our actions. A voice in my head was telling me it was normal because "everybody" does it, therefore we must ascertain good from bad and that is for you to choose. It is choice we are all given and once again it is the past and present that influences our choices. I had come to the conclusion that these behaviors were not good and because the majority of people do it, does not make it right. Being self enlightened these impurities are fading, once again it is a slow and painful experience but from the support we seek(including self-support, the good voice in your conscience) and knowledge we gain, we will persevere. I guarantee.

Bringing this article to a purposely unfinished end its as if I have taught myself yet another lesson since the first word. It is that we are all in this together and it is the reaching of my hand to yours that will perpetuate a list of answers, a list of theories and yes, a list of even more questions. So as an individual human we must all converse amongst eachother to depict the story of ourselves and yet again, as you listen to yourself and others you will find that he and she is you and you are she and he. Race, religion, mistakes, impurites are all reasons to push away, but instead I ask you to pull inwards for it is these compounding events that will lead us down this infite and confusing beach.