Networking and Smart marketing can work miracles for even a useless Product. A typical example for this is the con doctor cum Scientist selling his so called miracle drug Body Revival which promises to cure cancer, heart diseases, brain tumor and many other incurable last stage diseases using smart marketing and advertisements through Newspapers and Television Channels. This con man was once a compounder in an Ayurveda Dispensary and also accused of stealing the product from his previous employer. Munir Khan was aware that he won't be able to make much money without publicity and advertisements. So this con man started circulating in influential circles and also started putting adverts with reputed Newspapers and Television Channels. He attracted millions through the advertisements in a Health Channel. This scamster roped a reputed film personality like Tabassum to do a 30 minutes interview with him. In the interview this self proclaimed scientist is publicized as the messiah who Nostradamus predicted would end all miseries and diseases in the 21st century. Munir Khan sold his good for nothing potion made of honey and some herbs which includes one which is banned by the forest department at a whopping INR 15000 per bottle. Though the FDA filed an FIR on Khan after examining the product and finding out that the ingredients of the product mentioned were not useful in curing diseases like cancer, blood clots, diabetes, etc as claimed by Khan in advertisements the corrupted Police Officials took no action against him. He also had the full support of his influential friends in political and film circle who shielded him too.

Whom should we blame for creating a con man like Munir Khan is the Question we need to ask ourselves. According to me he could reach out to so many people mainly because of his interview conducted by Tabassum. Who would think a product as fake when endorsed by some one famous like her? The Question is when someone earns Crores for endorsing a product is it not her moral responsibility to see that he or she is not endorsing a wrong product? We all become emotional fools when we see our favorite film stars endorsing products and go ahead to purchase them. We love L'Oreal Paris or Lux because Aishwarya endorses the product. But the truth is these stars only use imported or expensive stuff and do not believe in using the products they endorse. Recently there was a report of Sharukh Khan who endorses Dish TV using Tata Sky which is endorsed by Aamir Khan in his Office. Most of these Celebrities are only interested in filling their pockets and do not bother if it is not a good product they themselves would like to use or if have any side effects. Ultimately we are responsible for helping a con man like the so called Dr Scientist Munir Khan flourish because we believe that if our favorite cricket star or film star promotes a product then 'that glitter is gold'.