How to benefit from passive income

The internet is full of sites which offer the information's to earn money and to get rich quick. A lot of them propose passive income as the main road. Therefore a lot of readers believe it's an easy way. But it isn't. Passive income is the direct opposite of to get rich fast. Passive income begins with small drops and can enlarge to a full river. But this takes time. So what is the real concept behind passive income and how can u benefit from it.

The difference to a normal job

In the normal working job you get your money for your time spending in the company. If you have work to do or not. It's the job of your boss to keep you busy. But if you can't come to work, because you are ill, you just have no motivation to work, or want to spend the time with your family you earn no money at all.

Passive income is a completely different approach. First its you who has to do the work. And not only the work itself, like writing the article. But all the other work around , from the  sketch up to the traffic, which generates the income. But, it can generate income for a very long time after the work has been done. It generates it automatically, you don't need to write a bill. So there comes the cumulative effect. You can start new work for future income, while you still get all the revenues from your old work. There is also no limit. In an average job, the income per hour is fixed. You only can earn more while adding more time. But as a day has only 24 hours, this is also limited. With passive income instead your income is depending on all the work done by you in the past.

Passive income on the internet can come in different forms.  Some are not 100% passive income ways, but they all can be handled as passive income.

- Writing articles

- Stock photography

- Videos 

- Blogging, internet pages

- Affiliate marketing

- Membership site

- Software downloads


Bringing passive income to work

The start with passive income can be very frustrating. You work and work and your revenue stay on a low level. This is the main reason people won't be successful doing it. There are two possibilities. First you handle passive income as an addition to your normal work. You have some free time, good start something for fun and receive over the time a nice little extra money. The other is to get really serious and start it like a business. You have to find connectors between the different forms of income. Accumulate traffic and find ways to connect your work. Find out how you can make a visitor to a longterm customer. It can start with an article and end up in a membership site with a monthly membership fee.

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