Exercise is one of the most important things an individual can commit to in order to live a more healthy life. It's important to have a daily exercise regime to make sure your body is in top shape. Exercise has so many benefits that it is hard to talk about them all in the article. We will focus on the effects it can have on gray hair.

Exercise has many different forms. You can do cardio or you can lift weights which will help you build more muscles. Both are very effective in making your body healthy. Cardio will blood circulate more freely inside your body. Weight lifting will do the same, yet cardio is better for blood circulation. You must take advantage of both in order to live a more healthier life.

So you are probably wondering how exercise going to help me stop my hair from graying. Well exercise releases dopamine in your brain which make you happy. One of the dopamine is called serotonin. Since you already know that stress increases the amount of gray hair you have, producing serotonin in your brain will stop you from being stressed out. Stress is a killer because it tells your body that you are fearing for your life, which will take the nutrients away from vital components of your body and instead will use them to fight these problems.

Make sure to weight lift at least 2 times a week and to do cardio ( go for a jog ) at least 2 times a week as well. This will be a perfect combination to tell your body that you are ready to live a more healthier life. The added muscle will of course help your confidence which in turn will make you even happier and will stop stress from ever entering your life again.

It's important to field confident and to be happy while you are going through your graying ordeal. The more stress your body is going through, the more gray hair it will produce. Just stop stressing and think positive thoughts. In the end, does it really matter if you have gray hair or not? Wouldn't it be more smarter to just enjoy the days we have left on these beautiful earth then to worry about what others might think about the color of your hair? Enjoy your life, it's more important than what others might think about you.