Writing for ehow has been a learning process for me, personally. There were good times, bad times, and ugly times writing on ehow. The death of ehow has finally come. As most online money makers probably have heard, Demand Studios is now taking complete control. They're kicking out the old, and in with the new. Demand Studios now has complete control, and rule over their writers. Majority of ehow writers are pre-approved to write for Demand Studios. The change has come, and they now officially own their writer's souls. The once fun, and freewill days of writing on ehow has come to an end. You can still write articles on ehow, it will just come with a price. It will come with more control, authority, and article rights thrown out the door.

Some might look at this as a marvelous opportunity. While others might see it as the end of what was once was a "good thing". There will be perks writing for Demand Studios. Nothing is ever black or white. There will be a lot of gray in between as well. Pay might be higher for some and that might benefit a lot of hard working online writers trying to earn passive income. What you'll lose is your freedom and control to do what you want. Demand Studios will be in complete control of you. They will own your writer's soul, when working for them.

One of the privileges of writing online is having the freedom to do your own thing. Each site has certain rules and writing guidelines that must be up help. However, what you write is should be your work, your ideas, and in your control. Some of us like that aspect of online writing, as much as making money online. That's one of the nice parts about freelance writing. What you want to do is your own choice. It's one of the many perks of freelance writing. It's the purpose of the term "freelance". It has nothing to do with hard work, and working hard to produce quality content. Our work, our articles, our ideas, our unlimited chances to make money off it! That's the way a lot of writers like it. That is now gone forever on ehow.

Each writer should take pride in their hard work, and take privilege calling it their own. Writing online isn't easy, but is should something you're at least passionate about. To write online you have to enjoy it to some degree. It shouldn't just be about the money. For some it might just be a hobby and a way to express the creative part of themselves to the online world. Writing online is a job for some, but it's still a passion for most as well. A job doesn't have to suck out the passion and joy in what you do.

Ehow had a good thing going for the most part. A place to come online, share your knowledge, wisdom, and "how to's" with millions of potential readers that visit the site. It was a place for each and every person to be their own writer. It was a great place for beginners to learn and grow as a writer.
On top of that, it wasn't a bad place for the average Joe to make a decent buck at the same time. Ehow offered great opportunities for thousands of writers out there. They were arguably the first site online site that offered anyone the chance to make living off. From my personal experience, the opportunities and growth of success could have seriously been endless. There was so much money for a freelance writer to make on that site. It was a gold mine of the online writing world. It was king of all kings. Ehow was that good of a thing! Was being the word.

Ehow always had its problems as well. It never gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside all the time. I complained at times, moan, and got frustrated. I basically would stick to my writing though, and I would continue to make more, and more, and more money with them. I was heading into a direction where I honestly was feeling I could just do this for a living! Write for a site and make enough to live off. Who would have realistically expected that? It was possible though. Most importantly, ehow offered the potential of making a living doing something I enjoyed! Write about things I really enjoy and care about! This is what ehow had to offer every freelance writer out there. A place to be your own writer, and make unlimited amounts of money doing so. Does it get better than that? How is it that a good thing like that is now gone? That is the online money making world that we live in. Money is always first, second, and third. Everything else is an after thought.

Not to say ehow never gave me headaches, because it gave me plenty. Constant bugs, glitches, article sweeps, lack of communication from staff, and questionable ethics by management running the site. I've seen first hand how plenty of members got the low stick by ehow. I've received plenty of complaints from loyal and are working members on numerous occasions of the things ehow did to them. I've seen and heard many of the horror stories. Those stories are true and they exist. Ehow never lacked depth in what they were capable of doing. All of that is true.

It was never a perfect place. It was a love/hate kind of relationship for most members on ehow. Ehow was still an opportunity that gave online freelance writers something most have always dreamed of. Make money, write on any topic or thing you want. Most important, it would be your own work. It was a good thing, when you put it in terms like that.

So now where does this leave ehow? The place is still running, and will continue to run. It's still the big bad wolf in the online industry of making money. Demand Studios is flexing their muscle, and the place will never be what it once was, though. A good thing for freelance writing came to an end on April 5th, 2010. Demand Studios does offer a chance for writers to make good money. The freelance part should be taken out of the equation. There's no freelance involved anymore.

Demand Studios still offers you to write your own titles, articles, etc..., just like ehow. But, there's definitely a catch involved. Those articles are no longer yours. They for now on are owned by Demand Studios. They will claim and preach that revenue share, and freedom to write will be just the same. It would take a cold day in hell for me to ever buy one load of that.

They are not going to give the same freedom before. Demand Studios will be very selective on what you write. The revenue share is over the way you remembered it on ehow. They still offer it, but it will NOT BE THE SAME. I don't care what they promise, or claims you're hearing from the people working for ehow, or Demand Studios. Revenue share will never be the same.

Demand Studios eventually (this is my prediction) is going to get rid of the revenue share altogether. They want to fill their site up with upfront payments only, and keep revenue all for themselves. They want it all! They want our freedom, our rights, and to take away the unlimited amount of money we ONCE were capable of making.

I've been a member for nearly a year on ehow. I've never made less money than the following month. My earnings have always increased. The squeeze on revenue share is just beginning. My earnings out of nowhere have suddenly dropped in half. Articles that consistently earn, all of a sudden have stopped. This coming off by far the highest month I've ever earned on ehow. That's a small indication to me that revenue share eventually will be gone. Ehow members are already complaining that ehow has deleted high earning articles. If revenue share is still going to be a big part of earnings, then why the deletions of high earning articles? It's as if shutting the door on some writers wasn't enough. The new way is definitely a change for writers on ehow.

Why not get rid of the revenue share now? Not enough contributing writers, compared to ehow writers that were earning off revenue share. They still need traffic and a high PR ranking on google. That is why they've made this move. That is why majority of the writers on ehow are now eligible to write for Demand Studios. That is why they've also now open up an unlimited revenue share(for now anyways). They need writers and want you to believe this is all for the better good. The better good for them, not necessarily you. They want you to believe the same opportunity you had on ehow stills exists, but includes advantages as well. This was the same site that claimed the UK site was for the better good as well. Do you honestly think they're doing ehow writers a favor? Please.... They only see things with green eyes.

They are not doing this out of the kindness of their heart. It might be a better opportunity for some out there. The opportunity didn't come from generosity. They want that unlimited amount of revenue all for themselves. They only benefit to make billions of dollars off this new change. My prediction if things go the way they hope, revenue share will be gone in a year or two. For now they'll squeeze members tight on revenue share, and hope they give into writing more for upfront fees instead. Because in the end, that is where the money will be made when writing for Demand Studios. It will no longer be in revenue share, despite their so called generous change. DS will never tell you, but they don't want revenue share anymore. They are going to try to slowly and methodically weed it out eventually.

I'm not here to slam ehow, or DS. I'm telling it the way I see things playing out, so writers out there who are confused, baffled, can understand the change. If you enjoy writing as a hobby, then I don't think DS will be the place for you. There's nothing wrong with writing for Demand Studios. I'm not here to say its a bad place. I'm just making those understand it will be different than ehow. I myself will probably tuck my pride away eventually, and end up contributing. Ehow is gone though folks. It's never coming back the way we remembered. It was a nice community of members. I made lots of different friends over my course of a year with them. Different age groups, different stories to listen to. It was a nice ride, all things considered.

If you're worried about current articles on ehow. DS does not, nor ever will, own rights to those articles you've written for ehow previously. They are still yours. The TOS never claimed complete rights to your ehow articles. They are allowed to change their TOS, but can't just start claiming property over previous articles. You're safe to keep them up for now and see how things play out. If you want to delete them, and wash your hands with ehow altogether, then that's perfectly understandable. This can be a golden opportunity for sites like Infobarrel, Helium, and other competitor online writing sites to take advantage. A site like ehow is still going to be big, but they do stand the chance to stumble a bit from this move. David did knock out Goliath. A place like IB needs to take advantage more than ever.