Using a credit card is such an emotive subject for so many people and causes such great debate as to whether they are beneficial to have or not. Many say that they are a good thing to have, but many however disagree saying that they are a destructive force for many. Because while credit card debt is the scourge of many a household in the western world, there are many who manage their credit cards well and love the flexibility that it provides.

In this article, we are going to look at the disadvantages of owning a credit card. Of course there are many points from both sides to look at and it is up to each individual person to decide whether it is for them depending on what they do with it and how they trust themselves to manage one.

1. Being able to over-spend on a credit card is probably the most well-known disadvantage to owning a credit card because when you purchase items, you don't feel like you are exchanging proper money so it is easy to fall into a trap that someone else is actually paying for the item. But the owner of the credit card will quickly fall back to earth when the bill comes crashing through the letter box with a demand for payment. This is why when you have a credit card, you have to treat each purchase for what it is, a debit to your bank account.

2. The fees associated with a credit card can go unnoticed. They may say they are free, but credit cards can come with unseen fees if you are not careful and especially if you do not pay off the full balance of the card. Be careful to read the small print of the terms and conditions to ensure you are aware of all the fees associated with the card.

3. It can be very easy to sink into debt when using a credit card and not find a way out, because if you do not pay off the full balance, you have to incur interest charges that will build up and add to the debt on your card. If this builds up and you do not make any head way in paying off the balance, you will get more and more in debt because of the interest payments, especially if the interest payments are quite high.

4. Not paying off a credit card on time is something that is very easy to slip into. Every credit card has a payment deadline each month and if you do not meet this deadline then a late payment fee is payable. It is important to pay your card off on time otherwise you will end up incurring further charges and increasing your debt because of these fees. They will also count against your credit score and will inhibit you from obtaining credit in the future.