You know, there's a ton of information online on how to attract women. In fact, if you ask 10 different people, they will bombard you with 10 different theories. That's why I'm here to simplify it for you. What I'm about to reveal is ONLY the things that truly matter. The 10% of factors that bring 90% of the results.

How do you attract women?

- Make a lot of female friends - By making a lot of female friends, other females will be also interested in you. They will wanted to know what is special about you that many other females are attracted to you company. The first step to making a lot of female friends is by joining social clubs, organizations and even attending festivals or events that are held at your city. Keep that in mind that your only goal is to befriend these women, not seduce them. Think long term. These women you befriend will set you up with all of their cool female friends and will make you look cool in the eyes of other women. Use them as bait, don't be so desperate that you have to hit on every woman - first befriend some.

- Be a charismatic and exciting guy - By having both of these you will be labeled as an attractive guy by most women. You can accomplish this by simply getting a cool life. Prepare for your future, setup a good business, get a few hobbies, start traveling, take dance lesson. Before you know, you will become charismatic and exciting. Its that simple, all you need to do is get a fun lifestyle.

- Improve Yourself - Life is sometimes like the sims game or RPG games, you are in fact a set of character traits that are more or less developed. You can find out what yours are if you take the quiz, but you have to treat yourself like a project in progress. Let's say your body is a 6/10, your charisma is 4/10 and your social life is 5/10. When you find out what it is, you can slowly work to improve each of these, point by point.

- When you do spot an attractive woman - Be patient. Remember, you are a cool, fun guy that radiates charisma. You are surrounded by your attractive female friends. What do you do now? Swoop in on the first attractive woman you see? NO! Simply make it your goal to just be social... Approach her in an attempt to see what she's like, and if she's a cool person.

When she sees this cool, non-desperate guy that's not coming on too strong, she will hit on you. She will flirt with you or escalate the situation. And if she doesn't, she'll invite you to socialize with her group and her friends. Worst-case scenario, she introduces you to more hot women and becomes an acquaintance of yours. Best case scenario, she hits on you. This way you never get rejected.