The Fast Food

Simply it to the supermarket or walking down a busy street to explain in part the problem of overweight: Our diets. In every place of this beautiful country, you will feel pressured by the large number of fast food business and I'm sure it's nothing new to you that most fast food choices are bad for your health. These foods are usually related to clogged arteries and heart attacks caused by the large amount of calories, fat and sodium they contain.Now, you can say, "But Dr. Manny, I eat salad when I go to my favorite fast food restaurant." Well, while most fast food chains have added healthier items to their dietary or Mends in the last two arms, it is time to review the menu and ask the following questions: fresh food? The dressings have sugar or excessive chemicals? I'm getting the nutrition they need? The answers are likely to be, no, yes, and no.


The other excuse I hear often to fall into bad eating habits have to do with money and the lack of it. Well, Madam, I would be the first to tell you that healthy corner is not always cheap. Unlike white bread, whole wheat is not bidding on the shelf. The same goes for many packages of snacks containing sugar, not to mention cereals. I have children and to walk the corridors of grains can be like walking through a minefield of junk food. If you have children, which means it knows to at supermarket, with her seven years in the cart, which comes from seeing a commercial in which they show sugary and colorful hoops and the child begins to tell you the need to to buy. To make matters worse, they are cheaper grains of the week. There are millions of these giant boxes deployed around the supermarket, which basically say "buy me".Given the influence that is a child, and the money you have in your wallet, easily influenced and your wallet, it's easy to predict what will happen. No I have to say that there is no budget available, and try to justify buying healthier choices against what your pocket allows you can be very difficult.


Besides money, another factor that seems in short supply: time. I know how things are: There are twenty minutes or less for lunch, is probably their lunches from time to time, but it is not easy, and a place in the corner that offers quick and inexpensive lunch.


Time for me? What is it? Is the response I receive when I usually suggest to my patients that take busy time for them. Honestly, I feel tired just watching what my wife Katarina does every day, with three children and a husband who is not always present, she has a very heavy load.The fact is that as the breasts are kept busy mother do their jobs and doing another number of things, do not eat as they should. Having one or more children to look after, take them to school in the morning, meet all your activities after school, not to mention his job and be part of the sandwich generation (those caring for their parents too), all hours adds up to be messy, eat poorly, and often resort to the search for food that meets once (potato chips, brownies, candy, cookies, sodas, ice cream) that do not provide any benefit.

Lack Of Exercise Or Physical Activity

It really is a logical equation. Ask anyone who wants to do, and I guarantee you the ultimate answer will be "exercise." As I tell my patients, the matter is that if the exercise be done, but it must fit your lifestyle: If you get up at six in the morning and can it to a yoga class, cycling (inside or outside) running or jogging, or taking a walk for half an hour, then that is what you should do. Otherwise, you could do it at noon (as long as it is not leaving for lunch). Do not say you do not have time, you need to remove it. Again, this is your life. I do not mean to be fad, but exercise will help, and you will see and feel physical and mental results almost immediately.


Ask any woman and hear the same answer: Your appetite rises and falls, rises and falls depending on the time of the month. Most women I know feel very hungry the week before the period, and many end up eating chocolates. This need to chop the lead to avalanche effect: It perhaps begins with a cookie, which leads to another, and well, you get the idea.

Treats To Eat: The Wrong Way

Most parents know that we should keep snacks on hand, right? Any output either a walk in the park or drive it to the supermarket, requires keeping some goodies for the kids. There's the problem, because we as adults we also like. .Just walk down the candy section of any supermarket to know that Americans love to corner all sorts of goodies and crackers, the truth is that the choice is really compelling and unhealthy.

Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep can also affect appetite, among other things. Funny, but when one of our children is raised, it is my wife who always wakes up, and I think the same thing happens to many women, seem predisposed to rise even though they slept little. The problem with all kinds of activities during the day after little sleep, is that people end up feeling exhausted, and which will lose the sweet stuff can do late at night. True, the less we sleep, we are weaker, lose the ability to control not only our temperament, but also our great anxiety for food. Did you know that many products you consume, including food additives and caffeine can disrupt your sleep patterns?What should you do after considering these eight factors that contribute to this national epidemic? That needs to change to get to the point where it looks good, yea your skin healthy and fresh and most importantly you feel good, less stressed, and more attractive? I do not mean the surgeries, but to face reality with a better balance and a philosophy that will give you great long lasting results. This diet will help you learn basic and effective ways to balance nutrition, exercise and health. If you follow the Super Diet America will soon see the change. Have more energy, both physically and emotionally in the first seven days after the start. After fourteen days, notice the loss of weight and feel better. And if you follow this diet, in just four weeks, the fat from your body may decrease to between 5 percent. May lose between 8 and 12 pounds, see a significant change in their skin and their eyes shine. But most important is that you will feel incredibly good.

The eight key factors that contribute to weight gain