So you're broke, school is going to be starting soon, and you don't know what to do. Well never fear, I can tell you how to get all your school supplies for less than ten dollars. If you think you can manage parting ways with Mr. Hamilton for everything you need (supply wise) for the year, than this article is for you! If you can't afford to part with Mr. Hamilton you may want to want to consider selling plasma.

Also, since you're a broke college student I think I can be pretty safe to assume that you will be fearless about going to embarrassing levels to save Mr. Hamilton in your endeavors in buying your school supplies. So with that assumption, I'm going to write this list of ways to get your supplies for little to no money with regard to your dignity or conscience (you remember Jiminy Cricket from Pinnochio right?) whatsoever. The list will start at free methods of obtaining school supplies and will eventually lead to you spending your own money.

  1. Your parents. You've lived off the wealth and success for almost two decades (sometimes 3 or more decades for some of you) so why stop living off their wealth by going to college? Bum off your parents for money, pencils, pens, papers, and everything else that isn't chained down in the house that you can use for school. When I say "bum off" I actually mean "borrow permanently". If your parents are nice enough (or too unobservant to notice) you could end up going to school spending 0 dollars out of your own pocket.
  2. Your family/extended family. You've milked your parents of everything they have and so now it's time to move onto your next of blood. Your aunts, uncles, and grandparents have a wealth of pencils, pens, papers, etc., in their houses they may be happy to give you in your attempt to succeed in your higher education. And of course, if all else fails, "borrow" what they won't give freely.
  3. Your neighbors. While your neighbors aren't your family, sometimes they can be even more generous than your family when it comes to giving you things. The best method of getting school supplies from your neighbors is to knock on their door, and ask if they have any supplies they can donate to your educational cause. You'd be surprised at the results this'll bring.
  4. Your work. Since this article is about you being broke you probably don't have a job, but if you do, borrow some of those post-its and papers they have lying around. They won't notice.
  5. Your roommates. If you're living in a dorm and share it with other people you're pretty much set for all the supplies you need. Bum off everything from them and in keep in mind the goal is to take as much as you can from them without giving anything back.
  6. The university [library, cafeteria, etc.]. We've established you have no shame since you're broke (and reading this list) so you shouldn't have any problems snatching up lost pencils, notebooks, erasers, and everything else that have been lost a forgotten on tables, floors, underneath the communal couch, or behind the AC unit. This method of getting supplies could be surprisingly rewarding and you may hit the jackpot and find a $20 bill.
  7. The retail store. You've tried all the items above and somehow didn't manage to get everything you need on your school list of items. Well, the only option now (besides theft which is illegal) is to go to the store and buy those things. If you bargain shop or buy only clearance supplies, you can quite possibly find everything you're missing for less than $5 or at max, $10.
And there you have it. The list of how to get the supplies you need for college for little to hopefully NO out of pocket cash. And of course, worse comes to worse, sell your plasma wussie.