I am not going to tell you who Oprah is. If you don't know just stop reading now. If you don't care, well, no comment. Now for the rest of us who do know and who do really care about life after Oprah Winfrey, let us analyze the situation. Oprah Winfrey has been in show business for a long, very long time. When she reached stardom in her career, no other talk show host commanded more respect. Not even Jerry Springer with his ridiculous but entertaining talk show format could match. How many stars have you seen on the Jerry Springer Show? How many presidents have every graced the show? The only president that might want to appear on the Jerry Springer show will be former President Clinton and his assistant Monica Lewinsky. Then you can imagine Hilary Clinton coming in with a baseball bat. How many talk show hosts have had someone like Dr Phil as a sidekick and later helping him to get his own show? There is no need to think about it, there is none. How many talk shows have ever given away a free car to all in the audience? Sure other talk shows do give away stuff but not cars. If the Ellen Degeneres show were to give away cars to all in the audience, the show will file for bankruptcy.

What about the book clubs. How many shows highlight a book and later the book becomes a best seller? If Oprah talks about you on her show, you instantly become famous. At times fame comes at a price. Some celebrities would not want Oprah to talk about them. Well, she did talk about Chris Brown and he wasn't very happy about it. If you are wondering why, it has to do with Rihanna. What happened? Chris Brown got excited and apparently redesign Rihanna's face. Celebrities do have weakness like the rest of us mere mortals. Let us go back to Oprah Winfrey. How many talk show hosts have opened a school for girls in another continent? Yeah, talk about discrimination. As if boys don't want to go to school and make something out of their lives. Just a quick note to Oprah, why don't you like boys. I don't mean like in a Catholic Priest kind of way. Does it mean you just don't like boys at all? Well that is another issue.

The fact is that Oprah Winfrey is a huge celebrity and there is no doubt about it. We know she loves her fried chicken and constantly rant about her weight, but that is why we love her. She is living in sin with the same guy and we have all wondered if she is not secretly gay. Well nobody is perfect. You cannot not be good at everything. By the way, what is the point of having so much money and not being able to eat whatever you want? You might as well give away all your riches and move to Ethiopia. Food is good and we don't have to remind Oprah about that. She eats and put on the pounds and talks about it. She is human and that is what we humans do, eat and host a talk show.

Oprah Winfrey is in a league of her own when it comes to hosting talk shows and interviewing people. She has got a cult following that celebrities are willing to come on her show and confess or find solace. When the Tiger Woods story broke and more salacious details of his affairs came out, some suggested he went on the Oprah show to do a bit of damage control. How much visibility and sympathy would you get if you were interviewed at "The View"? Are you wondering what "The View" is? That says it all! When you think of it, Tiger Woods might actually prefer to be interviewed by 4 women on The View than getting a grilling from almighty Oprah. Who will replace Oprah Winfrey? There are a few names floating around like:

Tyra Banks: What are you think about, do you think the Oprah Winfrey show is American Next Top Model? The Oprah Winfrey show doesn't advocate starving yourself. Oprah likes to keep it real. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

Rosie O'Donnell: Nobody wants an angry woman interviewing a president, this is not "The View". We are not here to have an audience with Barbara Walters. The Problem is that you need to be more liberal to host a good talk show.

Ellen DeGeneres, She is good but doesn't stand a chance. This is not American Idol! We are not here to dance but to talk.

Jerry Springer? Can you imagine him hosting a presidential debate? You know someone will need an ambulance.

Sarah Palin: This is not Alaska. Has anyone ever seen a talk show being hosted in Alaska? Need we say more.

Oprah has come a long way from the early days. She is not saint but she is working towards sainthood. It doesn't matter if you like her or not. When the show comes to an end a lot of people will be vying to fill her shoes. There will be other good shows and I am sure some will come out with a brilliant idea to fill the gap Oprah will leave behind. That is what humans do. There will always be a genius every 20 to 50 years with a unique vision that will take entertainment and talk show to the next level. It is not a case of if but when. When that special person comes along we shall all be in awe. The person to take over from Oprah Winfrey might not yet even be born. For those who are addicted to the show, there is nothing to worry about. You could still buy the DVDs or download past episodes and watch reruns to your heart's content. This is the end of a journey and we have all been privileged to have been part of it. From now on, Oprah Winfrey has nothing to prove. In the eyes of many, she can do no wrong. In the eyes of book publisher she is the messiah and in my eyes, she is just brilliant and the best talk show host ever.