“Welcome to fight club. The first rule of fight club is, you do not talk about fight club. The second rule about of club is, you do not talk about fight club”. This is probably one of the most memorable lines in the story of the fight club. Brad pit, which played as Tyler Durden in the story, technically started the concept of the fight club which evolved into much more violent group known as “project mayhem”. Fight club presents knowledge of sudden enlightenment and realization within the story; and the movie delivered this area with excellent definiteness that even viewers can relate the story to their own lives.

How does the story capture the mind of its viewers and readers? There are a lot of factors to consider. These factors are elements within the story that contribute to an even greater overall story designed to produce a momentary enlightenment to the viewers and readers alike. Somewhat intellectual information within the story, such as the making of soap using fats, and the fats used to produce glycerin, also contribute to the means of capturing the curiosity of the audience. The story also uses a pattern of what would seem to be unrelated events that in the end of the story would actually make sense.

Clearly delivered messages

                The story continues to deliver clear intellectual messages that make it easier for most people to follow the story; though it may take more than once to actually realize the pieces of the puzzle. This experience allows the audience to be more interactive and actually follow a line within the story from which excitement can be produced. The story follows a certain plot in which the true nature of the club is presented in a subtle but almost understated manner.

                The use of logical arguments to point out a certain idea in the story, such as self realizing questions, allows the audience to participate and ask the question themselves. These small elements in the story capture the emotions of the audience faster because a feeling to understanding and connection was established.

Power and self-esteem

                Nearing the end of the story, the unnamed protagonist realizes the power that was left in his hands. Respect from people he did not personally know is one of the obvious portrayals of power that someone like him then had.  A boost of self-esteem was also a result of the fight club. Exploring the animal nature of man and feeling superior to others became the motivation of the members; in return they paid high respect to the man that gave it to them –Tyler Durden. On the audience’s side, the idea of acquired self respect by winning on a brutal fight of no proper program may seem like a fantasy for self development; something that might be an exciting experience especially to those with lower self-esteem.

RaymondCredit: chuckpalahniuk.netCredit: chuckpalahniuk.net

Spontaneous wisdom

                Tyler Durden started giving homework assignments to the members of the fight club. As a personal assignment, he with the unnamed protagonist took a store salesman and threatened him that he will be killed by Tyler if he was not on his way to finding his passionate job in the next month. After the incident Tyler said, that that person will going to live a different life on the next day, that his meals will taste better than any of them had ever tasted. The idea is, after experiencing an almost near death experience; a person would be able to appreciate the things that would rather be ignored in a day-to-day basis. Small things such as taste, color, sound and even goals will be deeply thought of and appreciated.

Is it possible to start a fight club in real life?

To answer the question, technically yes; the first requirement is a passionate leader, one that would organize the members and set rules. Aside from that, the only other requirement is money. In the story, the club started from scratch and with virtually less to no money at all – though money was not a main part of the story. To maintain a fight club is very expensive indeed. Cost for injures of members would increase as the number of members rise. Not to mention events of deaths of the members from the fights. Regular people would not be as strong as those portrayed in the movie; an un-experienced man would easily be left unconscious with a sudden blow to the chin or jaw. If a fight club would exist in real life, it would have members with large monetary income or in other words, rich.