The Beginning

So, you have spent countless hours reading up on Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Google PageRank and Link Authority. You religiously follow blogs like Pat's Smart Passive Income and Timothy Ferriss's 4 hour Work Week. The notion of earning money independently and from anywhere in the world grips your very soul.

                 Every waking moment in your day, you run facts, figures and schemes through your brain, thinking about niches, conversion rates and how much passive monthly income you need to live out your days gloriously doing whatever the heck fancies you. When you lie down in bed,  you dream about flipping a finger to your slave-driver of a boss and your hellhole of a job, and spending your days knocking back a cold one at some idyllic beach in Bora Bora, pitying your now ex-boss who is practically stuck in his white collar shit job.  

                But then when push comes to shove, and it is time to put all your magnificent plan in to action, you start to panic. Your inner mind goes through what is known as the doubt phase. You ask yourself questions like 'What if I run out of content to write about for my blog? What if I can't pull any customers to buy stuff through my site? What if my competitors are too big? What if all I will achieve is a big waste of my time and money? What if? What if?'.

                Distress grips you, and it morphs into resignation. You start convincing yourself: 'Man, I probably just don't have the Internet Marketing genes to pull these stuff off. I mean, 90 % of the people who try to earn money from the internet fails, who am I to say that I can beat the odds? '.  You give up on your Internet marketing dream, those margaritas and beach girls, those adventures you could have had in the Amazon forest and Himalayas, those freed hours you could have spent with wifey and friends, You continue to soldier on in your 9 to 5, forever doomed to wonder how it could have turned out if you had succeeded.

Here it Comes - That first step

Hold it right there! We are getting too far ahead of ourselves here. Too much scenario planning and scheming will end in us spending our days procrastinating, instead of getting off our asses and getting stuff done (Yes, I know most of us sit down when we work the computer, don't be such a Smart Alex).

Here, I will reveal what is the single most important step in starting your Internet Marketing career.

Just go to a Web Hosting Company and sign up.

                Yup, this is the single most important (and easy step) to kick start your Internet Marketing life. Just get a website. It is that simple. It does not matter whichever route you plan to take. You could be planning on creating a blog with attractive and quality content, or a highly SEO-ed site from which you earn commission by promoting products, or any number of other Internet Marketing routes, it truly does not matter, because the first step towards gaining a foothold in the Internet is always by owning your very own website.

Why you aren't wasting your money

At this point, you might say: 'but wait just a moment! I haven't done the necessary preparations! I don't know how to design a website! How the heck do I SEO my site? I haven't written 50 future blog posts yet! I'll just be wasting my money on hosting a badly optimised website with a joke of a content list that no one visits!'

                In all likelihood, if you have spent more than a month reading up on Internet Marketing and 'preparing' but still feel that it isn't enough, then you never will be 'prepared enough'. Designing a website with Wordpress tools is simple enough, and as for SEO optimisation, how are you suppose to judge your success if you don't have a website to test on. If all you have been doing is researching on specific SEO techniques and which Affiliate Network is the best, then it is even more effective to bite the bullet and just sign up for a website.

                It is difficult to climb that hill behind your home where all the athletes go for cardio training when you are sitting down in front of your fireplace. You are feeling cosy and comfortable, and the wind outside is oh-so-strong. But think about it. What if you just summon the courage to walk out through your door, brave the cruel winds and actually situate yourself right at the foot of the hill, what will you do? 9 times out of 10, you would do what you came to do, which is to get some training done. That is just how the human mind works: Thinking about doing something makes it seem harder than it is. Once you take that first step, the rest seems to come along easier than you expected.

                In your case, simply signing up for a website puts you at the foot of the Mountain called Internet Marketing. The mountain is the toughest at its base, slowly yielding in difficulty as you progress up. I will not lie to you, Internet Marketing is not for the faint of heart or people who want to Get Rich Quick. However, actually finding the mountain and being situated at the foot of it represents that giant first step anyone will have to take when launching their Internet Marketing Career.

                Some of you might be living on a very tight budget, and have some concerns about the costs of hosting a website. However, it isn't expensive at all to host a website, costing only $2.00 per month for the most basic, single domain hosting. If it isn't possible to sacrifice a happy meal every 2 months to own a website, then perhaps it is time to rethink your Internet Marketing dreams.

GoDaddy is an excellent example of a Web Hosting Service   

                Get yourself setup and take it from there. Your journey into the world of Internet Marketing starts here. I will see you at the top of the mountain.

                                "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your                                                                                             eyes off your goal " - Henry Ford