These are some of the scariest places to visit and most people end up getting the chills.

Known for its once prominent take on voodoo and the locals' involvement with the craft the belief still lives on.

One attraction in the city of New Orleans is the legendary place known as h city of the dead where on famous grave of Marie Laveau the Queen of voodoo. Buried in the St. Louis cemetery #1. It is said that she still has a following that comes to her graveside and perform rituals, dressed in white and bring gifts of hair ornament and pieces of candies. Visitos to the site can also take gifts to the grave in exchange for good luck.

The midsummer night festival in honor of Marie Leveau, voodoo priestess usually takes place in the month of June. There can be seen followers of the priestess wearing all white and bring gifts of candle, incense and food to the make shift alter and celebrating in her honor.

Paris, the city of love or the scariest place to visit.

It maybe famous for love but, there is another side to Paris…a scary side. Long, long time ago as Paris was busting at its seams, officials and engineers came up with a plan to expand and make use of all available land space for the living. So, they came up with a plan for the dead, there bodies were disinterred and their remains deposited along the walls of a cold passage way under the city to remain forever.

It has been reported that tourist going through the catacombs (the passage way) have seen supernatural being or groups of shadows in certain area of the catacombs. As these unrested souls roam one can see the bare eye sockets staring back with such desperation for final rest. To some visitor these sightings seem overwhelming and they are unable to continue with the tour

The White Witch of Rosehall

The story goes that a plantation owner sent to England for a young bride to marry and start a family. When she arrived things did not fear out as he had intended. She terrorized the slaves and would kill the ones she was bored with. She very promiscuous and her beauty was evident. With her brutality known by the slaves they tried to find favor with her by teaching her voodoo. She took to the teaching quite well and became a powerful witch, killing her husband and subsequently two others. The first one by poisoning him, the second by stabbing and pouring hot oil in his ears and the third she straggled him. She disposed of the body by burying them in the walls of the great house. When the slaves reached a breaking point they started a revolute. In that uprising it is said that Annie Palmer was strangled by a slave. It is said her spirit roams around the plantation looking for slaves to terrorize. Being one of the scariest places to visit it will definitely have your heart pumping fast.

The most haunted castle in England, Chillingham Castle where it is said to be haunted by many ghost but, one famous ghost is the boy in blue. His ghost has been seen in the pink room of the castle hovering over the bed. This usually happens when a loud wailing has has been heard. During a rather large renovation the body of a boy and a man were in the walls, etchings were found on the walls and it is said the boy's finger were worn down from etching and scratching at the walls. Once his body was discovered no one reported seeing his ghost. Chillingham England's scariest place.

The scarliest place in Italy is Poveglia, an island between Venice and Lido.It was used originally for a safe haven for people caught up in war. Those people then stayed there and made Poveglia home until later n they were moved off. The story has the island was used to put people that was sick from the plague, they were place there as quarantine away from the health.

Later on a building was erect and was used for a mental institution in 1922. The doctor was a bit sick himself and torture and murdered innocent patients before jumping to his dead from the bell tower.