The Flowers of Mumbai

Flowers, as you hear this word, images of beautiful, colorful, and sweet smell will fill your mind. You would think of flower fields growing with wild beauty in the countryside, and flowerbeds with their trimmed and cultured treasure alongside homes and pavements.

Mumbai like most countries have also gorgeous fields of flowers in all shapes, sizes and colors. Just like driving in the countryside in America, Australia or South Africa - to name just a few countries. This place is no different.

We as people perceive flowers in many ways. Like cultures of countries make use of them differently, the Crossandra flower in Mumbai, which was made into garlands to place in their hairs and others like Hawaii, uses flowers to make leis that are placed over the head of a person to lie on his shoulders which is usually presented to visitors to the Hawaiian Islands.

The Lotus is the National flower of India and it only grows in shallow waters. Other Indigenous flowers of Mumbai include Rhododendrons and Orchids which are being cultivated by other parts of the world.

One very special flower can be found in Mumbai and is called the Karvy. This flower was so special for it only blooms every eight years. Karvy is a purplish blue flower with a tinge of pink. It comes alive every year around Monsoon, but once the rains are over, all that is left is dead stems. This pattern will continue for seven years and in the eighth year the plant bursts into vast blossoms. The Karvy flower has several uses as well. Many believe that by crushing the leaves and using the juice will cure stomach pains. They can also use the leaves and stems to make thatched roofs. Some even make honey from this amazing flower.