Last year was a mighty busy one for the Hollywood superstar Will Smith, with him starring in two feature films (Hancock, and Seven Pounds)and his production company being involved in the production of several others. At the time of the release of his last film, Seven Pounds, last Christmas, Smith announced to the public that he was going to take a well-earned sabbatical from his acting career to spend more time with his family. There was no confirmed timeline for his intended return to work in Hollywood, but it was strongly believed at the time that his time away from acting could last upto a year.

Well now it has been about a year since that announcement and it looks like Smith has indeed decided to take a year off from Hollywood. During this time he has been spotted in China relaxing with his family on the set of the Karate Kid movie remake that his son is starring in along with Jackie chan. Not much more than that has been seen of the star, except for the occasional outing to a Hollywood red carpet movie premier with his family.

Will Smith away from HollywoodSo what next? What can we likely expect to hear Will Smith's name attached to in the near future? There is no shortage of film projects that have Mr. Smith's name attached to them, however whether such association is valid with some of thenm is another matter. here below is alist of just some of the higher profile movie projects that Smith has been attached to recently - and remember that some of these are doubtless more credible and likely to happen than others but that is not for me to decide:

  • The American Can
  • Untitled Will Smith/Chef Jeff Project
  • My Wife Hates Your Wife
  • The Long Run
  • Untitled I Am Legend Prequel
  • Unfinished Business
  • Time Share
  • Brushback
  • Newton's Law
  • Sisters of Mercy
  • Empire
  • Untitled Courage Crew Project
  • Cooked
  • The Billionaire's Vinegar
  • Angelology
  • The Last Pharaoh
  • Amulet
  • Old Boy
  • Greenbacks
  • It Takes a Thief
  • Welcome to the Sticks
  • Extra Protection

There are some interesting projects in this list. The American Can is supposed to be a dramatization of the efforts of one real life Hurricane Katrina survivor who helped organize his neighbourhood during the crisis. His production company has been reportedly involved in trying to secure the rights to the screenplay. The I Am Legend Prequel has recieved a lot of coverage on movie forums but somehow I don't see Smith being in too much of a hurry to return to that franchise, especially considering what happened to his character at the end of the first film. One film project that I did not include on the list because it is not really a project so much as an expression of desire to play a certain individual on screen, is smith's expressed interest in portraying the current US President, Barrack Obama, on the bigscreen some day. However, out of all of the above projects on the list, I believe that the one most likely to be his next film role will be as the lead in the future Egyptian period drama, The Last Pharaoh. The Last Pharaoh is a movie about the Egyptian ruler Taharqa who defended his land from Assyrian invaders in the 7th century BC. The movie is reportedly going to be written by Randall Wallace (Braveheart) for Columbia Pictures, based upon a story idea that Smith is reported to have wanted to see made into a movie for a very long time now.

It is not really surprising to see Will Smith's name attached to so many projects in Hollywood, really. If you think about it, Smith, like so many other top stars in the industry is likely offered anumber of scripts to browse at any given time and if he takes even a second look at any one of them, there are probably a number of people out there only too happy to attach his name to the project with the goal of helping to sell the film to the studios. Of course, all of this speculation by Will Smith's fans could easily be silenced if Mr. Smith were to simply end his sabbatical from the dream factory and satisfy his fans by simply giving them what they want, which is more Will Smith movies .