The game that never ends:Muammar Gaddafi



“Politics” as the saying goes is a “Dirty game.” The actors who possess the dominant personality in the game are men of influence, rhetorics and wealth.

The masterminded campaigns are strategically planned to lobby for supporters; to all intents and purposes be declared the presidential or parliamentary winner. Political rallies are characterized with moods of euphoria and more often than not with irrational behavior. This political culture has not ever been known to prevail in pre-colonial phase of history.

Political rallies are held in open air grounds with great many people in attendance. They precede rhetoric address with traditional dances and songs. The rhythm of music comes not only as an entertainment but also as an acclamation of the candidate as the champion of the party.

The anticipated euphoria is the address of the champion. The supporters applaud the champion with deafening shouts as he enunciates the promises in his manifesto. However, only time ascertains what be lies, genuine promises or empty promises.

In 1997, a presidential candidate and an incumbent president made this promise to the nation, “Every home will have piped water come the year 2010.” The enthusiastic supporters gave him the votes to win a landslide victory. The people lived with high hopes and expectations that the promise would be realized come the future. Today is 2011. The future came but the president failed to keep his election promise. The incumbent president never promised “Manna from Heaven,” but the empty promise he made never brought a sigh of relief to the many women in semi-arid areas who shoulder the burden of travelling twenty kilometers daily in search of water.

“Money can buy a ticket to parliament but not to heaven,” a politician said in one of his rallies. The campaign is continued in the night and is conducted from door to door. Money is used to lure supporters including those in the rival camps. Money! It is just like “Manna from heaven” especially to the “Have Nots.” Those who swallow the bait dance to the tune of their champions.

Two more weapons are used in the nocturnal campaign as the last alternative in the endeavour to capture the parliamentary ticket. Political candidates are made of money; as such they give out plenty of it to the youth with one purpose. To buy and destroy the voters cards from the supporters of  the rival group. Some of the political candidates go to the extent of stealthily visiting witchdoctors. The purpose is to obtain, not without payment through, the magical power to enable them win the hotly contested campaign. The politician, ill advised to visit a witchdoctor does so against his own disadvantage. The law of the country is against the practice. The person found quilt of the practice, the verdict is the nullification of his election to parliament.

Egoism dominates in African politics. Prospective candidates spend a lot of money-millions in borrowed bank loans. It is a risky venture with two possibilities, namely: to either win or loose the battle. The victory of the hotly competitive battle is a glorification of the ego.

The local televisions show the youth armed with crude weapons. One questions the legitimacy and the intent of these weapons. The radical politicians instigate the legitimacy with one sole intent, to cause barbaric and irrational violence. The media plays a very important role in appealing to the youth not to be influenced financially by their campaign masters. The appeal invites the youth to maintain self –respect, dignity, peace, harmony and brotherhood in the “we” of co- existence. It is an appeal to exercise the spirit of humanity.

Dictators are the worst players of the game, “dirty Politics”. These are demonic, egoistic, blood thirst, ambitious, worshippers of power and wealth. The post election violence of 2007-2008 went out of proportion. More than a thousand innocent people were butchered to death. Tens of thousands deserted their homes for the safety of their lives. Some of the internally displaced people are still living in unsanitary camps without resettlement. The whole world condemned the barbaric violence as a crime against humanity.

Napoleon Bonaparte was driven by egoism, ambition and the grip of the real power behind the throne. The emperor’s greatest ambition was to establish a continental empire in Europe. He dragged his armies to fight a futile battle, to conquer and subdue Europe under his domination. However, Napoleon never landed on emperor’s throne ruling a large empire extending as far as Russia. In the battle of waterloo, 1815, Napoleon suffered a humiliating defeat, under two allied armies of Britain under the Duke of Wellington and Prussia under Blucher.  He finally became a British prisoner of war and was shipped off to a lonely and rocky island of St. Helena in the South Atlantica. Unhappy and lonely, Napoleon died disgracefully in 1821.

Adolf Hitler is a classic dictator of the 20th century. He was demonic, egoistic, and ambitious and bloodthirst dictator. In the footsteps of Napoleon, his ambition drove him to subject European countries under his domination. He commanded his armies to invade Poland. Britain and France retaliated in deference of Poland. The conflict triggered the Second World War 1939-1945. Worse still, Hitler was a racist with anti-Semitic attitude of hatred. He was a demonic with empty, dull unfeeling of humanity. The bloodthirst Hitler is responsible for the death of six million Jews who died in concentration camps and gas chambers. He who hates his brother is a murderer. Hitler is a murderer. If Hitler had never been born, the Second World War would neither have been nor would it have claimed the death of 17 million people.

Africa is a continent of massive wealth. Rivers are many to feed many dams to provide water for irrigation and hydro-electric power for industries. The continent has yet to explore the potential mineral wealth. Foreign entrepreneurs are willing to invest in African countries. The continent is a destination of many tourists who enable the countries to earn direct foreign exchange.

In spite of all these possibilities, the continent lags behind in economic and democratic development. The post-independent governments in Africa are the survival of the fittest dictators, who are demonic, egoistic ambitious, bloodthirst, worshippers of power and wealth. Dictators in the continent us military force to remain in power until death takes its natural course.

The culture of African dictators is the rule with the iron fist. These demonic rulers just like Napoleon and Hitler never die peacefully in their thrones. They never live eternally in enjoying the power and wealth they worship as their terrestrial deities. They suffer the fate of being dethroned by Coup d’etats. They live in self-exile and die miserably and disgraceful like Napoleon Bonarpate.

The existence of bloodthirst dictators in Africa is a testimony to the world that Africans are their own worst enemies. The following are some of the prominent great African dictators; Idi Amin Dada of Uganda, Mobutu Seseseko of Zaire, Siad Barre of Somalia, Maamar Gaddafi of Libya, Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, El Bashir of Sudan and Charles Taylor of Liberia. The unquenched thirst of power or the desire to grip eternally to power makes an African country awash with human blood.

Dictatorial and military governments do destabilize governments, economy and democracy for many years. Equally it takes many years to bring the “status Quo” to normality. Countries under these regimes experience demonic evils, civil wars, genocides and crimes against humanity. Innocent citizens are ever on plight. They live as refugees in foreign and neighbouring countries with forlorn hope of ever returning to their loved countries.

The incorrigible culture of corruption evolved in the post- independence history. Billions in whatever currency are siphoned out of the country and banked in foreign banks. The wealth of a country goes into the pockets of the selfish and self –centered dictators. The tax payers are left to live and die in abject poverty. Corruption, injustice and impunity are trio demonic evils eternalized in the continent.

The African people appeal earnestly to the United Nations and the Great Western Powers to save Africa from the rule of dictatorship. The people of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya have demonstrated the appeal for democracy. The people of Africa want democracy –the government of the people, by the people and for the people.