Ruby ring Rubies set i n a ring

The gem ruby is the birthstone for July. So if you were born in July and have a ruby, wear it proudly during your birth month. And enjoy the colorful flash of a ruby any month as an accent with anything you wear. Here is some more information on the ruby stone and how to wear it.

Second in hardness only to the diamond, the gem stone, ruby, is formed of a mineral called corundum - just like the diamond. But the ruby has a red color created by chromium. Also like the diamond, the better the clarity the more the value of the stone increases.

The ruby has been thought to have magical powers and to ward off evil. If you subscribe to this belief you certainly should wear a ruby! The ruby is often equated with love, fire and passion as well. So if you find symbolism can attract these qualities to your life, once again, the ruby will be a good choice to wear.

Ruby stones can be found in pinks to deep crimson reds. The most valuable ruby is called 'pigeon blood'. Most rubies come from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Burma, Kenya, Thailand and the United States. If you can find a good deal on a ruby in any of these countries you certainly will want to take advantage of it.

White and yellow golds show best contrasting or blending with the warm color of the red stone. A redder gold will compete for the color intensity and dilute the total artistic effect of the stone.

Wear a ruby set in a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, tie clip or broach. Small chips of rubies can be effective when combined with the colors of other gemstones. Or they can be enhanced by designs that surround them with contrasting colors of precious or semi-precious metals or stones. A piece of jewelry designed for a ruby or multiple rubies can be fashioned simply or ornately. It can be set in a contemporary, traditional, themed or ornate style. Only the designer's imagination will limit the designs possible with any ruby -- or other stone. A particularly fine ruby is best displayed as simply as possible to keep the attention focused on the beauty of the ruby gem stone itself.

Red rubies do not have to be worn only with the color red. In fact, wearing a ruby with black, white, gray or other colors is likely to make the red of the ruby stand out. The red color will fire up any outfit. Wear it on its own or mixed with other jewelry. A good quality gem stone like a ruby can also be a good investment as it is likely to hold its value over time.