Expectant fathers are some of the most nervous people on the face of the planet, and that's a fact – I know I was. What every parent wants, and fathers are no different, is a happy child. How to achieve that is a mystery to a lot of people and we need all the help we can get. Expectant fathers must take on their new role with determination and patience all at the same time, and that's sometimes a very delicate balancing act which takes practice to perfect.


How to make your child happy at heart

Be gentle but firm, strong yet forgiving – this role modeling will be comforting to any child, and allow them to develop and feel safe in a secure environment. A stable home environment and a predictable network of social and family contacts will enable the child to feel the security they need. Childhood development theorists all agree that the early years (up to the age of three) are the most critical in the formation of your child's personality, so those years are crucial in the developmental journey and will frame the rest of their lives.

How to deal with your child's misbehavior

No expectant father will like to think that their child will ever misbehave – but here's a reality check – they will. It's not because they're bad kids, it's because they are normal children testing boundaries as part of the developing personality. The most important thing about the misbehavior is not that it happens at all – the key is how you as the parent deals with it and what you teach your child about appropriate behavior.

What did you learn from your parents when you misbehaved as a child? I bet that as you get older you see yourself acting like your parents did. Many parents have the same experience as they get older – "Oh no – I sound just like my father" sound familiar? There's a really good reason that's a saying – because it's reality. We act out behavior that is modeled to us, good and bad. It's your role as an expectant father to be the best role model you can be.

There's a lot of information out there for expectant mothers, but not so much for expectant fathers – and that's a shame, because they are scared, overwhelmed, sleep deprived and feel like they are blundering around in the dark as well – after all you're both in it together right? Be a proactive expectant father and get all the information you can about role modeling for your children – it will make your journey as a parent so much better and fulfilling, your partner happy and proud of you, and your child will ultimately turn out to be a better, well rounded person. Happy parenting, it's the best job in the world!