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Shortly after the end of World I, Hugo Boss established his company in Metzingen, Germany. While most of the Country was still in economic ruin, Hugo began to design and produce uniforms for the troops of Wehrmacht and other governmental agencies of Nazi, Germany. Losing his right to vote, Boss was fined for his Nazism.  Little is known about the survival of the company from 1948-1968 when his grandsons, Jochen and Uwe took over the company revamping not only the product line; but also the name when Hugo Boss passed away unexpectedly in 1948 from an abscess tooth.

70 years after the company became a household name, 'Boss' began to design and manufacture their first fragrance line. In 1985 their first designer fragrance was launched by 1998, Hugo Boss changed the name of the perfume” Hugo” to "Number One" due to another release of a new fragrance. Since Patchouli was popular in the 80's the original scent was created with notes of patchouli, honey and bergamot. Today when you

Hugo Boss name brand has come a long way since 1923, they have overcome and made a solid name for themselves, having solidified the issues that had arisen in 1997 when the company had appeared in a list of Swiss bank accounts that implicated the company was involved with Nazi activity. In 1999 attorneys in New Jersey filed a class action lawsuit for survivors of Nazi families that also implicated Hugo Boss. The company did not comment on any of the lawsuits; but dealt with the issue at hand.

In 2010 actor Danny Glover boycotted the company after the company announced the closing of the Ohio manufacturing plant due to 375 employees rejecting the company’s proposal to cut pay by over 36%. This would bring hourly employees wage from $13.00 an hour to $8.30. After endless negotiations, Hugo Boss realized they had responsibilities to their shareholders and succumbed cancelling the move overseas.

 The' BOSS' image today is represented by four different divisions targeting uniquely different age groups. Located in over 103 countries worldwide and over 5,000 retail stores, Boss is found in almost every corner of the world. Boss has gone through changes over the years; but the company continue to generate revenue into the billions.

When you buy Hugo Boss perfume there is an array of fragrances to choose from. If you enjoy fragrances that are softly scented, they have a collection that will fit your individual needs. Looking for the man in your life? The collection of colognes is endless. From spicy to warm, he will enjoy whatever you purchase in the Hugo Boss fragrance line.