Lucchese western boots

The history of lucchese western boots goes back as far as 1880. The Italian immigrants of Sam Lucchese Sr. and his brother came to America, where a 17 year old Sam Lucchese discover a career in boot making. The Lucchese western boot generation was eventually past down to his grandson Sam Lucchese Jr. The Lucchese western boots are well regarded for its find craftsmanship, quality leather, and comfort footwear.

The Lucchese western boots became popular in the 1960s, when Sam Lucchese Jr. change the way western boots were made. There's a lot of history in the Luccese western boots, that go back to the traditional cowboy boot style. The Lucchese Company was founded in San Antonio, Texas. Lucchese boots are handmade and are known for their expensive quality of products. Lucchese products contain the finest leather materials available. Most Lucchese westerns boots can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Popular lucchese western boots

Lucchese 2000 Lone Start Calfskin cowboy boots - These Lucchese western boots come in a pointed shaped toe, and is made from fine grade calfskin leather, and has a 13" fancy stitched calfskin leather shaft. The boot comes with a leather sole with rubber heel grip, with a 3/4 welt. These Lucchese Classics go for decent price of over $200. These cowboy boots are built for the 21st century.

Lucchese Classics goatskin roper cowboy boots - These Lucchese cowboy boots are made from premium supple goatskin leather. The Lucchese western boots are handmade stitched, with leather linings, insoles, heals and soles. These are quite popular and expensive Lucchese western boots. Prices can range around $500.

Lucchese Classics belly alligator cowboy boots - These Lucchese western boots are some of finest cowboy boots you can find quality wise. They're made from exotic alligator skin. They have leather linings, insoles and soles. Comes with alligator inlay pull tabs, with a 12"" fancy stitched and corded leather shaft. These are lasting, quality, and expensive Lucchese western boots. The price for these boots go as high as $4,000.

Lucchese western boot materials and types of western boots

Styles of boots: Lucchese boots come in cowboy boots, roper boots, botine boots, pony boots, vintage boots, and fashion boots. Lucchese makes boots for both men and women.

Lucchese boot colors: Lucchese boots contain over a 100 different color combinations the can include caramel, cigar, black floral, black cherry, black buffalo, almond, amber, mahogany, peanut, raspberry buffalo, sienna, rose, mocha brown, and navy.

Lucchese materials: Lucchese boots are made in over 60 different materials . Some of the popular materials use include ostrich leather, nile crocodile, glove calf, buffalo, lizard and old calf.

Lucchese brands: Lucchese boot brands come in Lucchese classics, 1883 by Lucchese, Lucchese 2000, Charlie 1 horse by Lucchese, Resistol Ranch by Lucchese, State Boots, Lucchese Cowboy and Cowgirl, and Diva.

1883 by Lucchese

If you're looking for old fashion western boots for men or women, these Lucchese western boots thrive on the traditional, classical and authentic western boot style. 1883 by Lucchese western boots are design more for their original quality when the company was first founded. A full welt construction is used to make these cow boy boots.

Lucchese Classics

These brand Lucchese cowboy boots are made from quality leather, and custom design to provide proper comfort. The top-of-the-line handmade boots use expensive materials. These boots bring a sense of old fashion tradition to cowboy and cowgirl boots. Durable, comfortable, and lasting western boots.

Lucchese 2000

The Lucchese 2000 western boots are built for the 21st century. A lot of the same materials and custom designs are similar to the Classics. These are handcrafted western boots and are made with the finest leather available. The Lucchese 2000 brings adequate comfort for the average cowboy and cowgirl riders.

Lucchese Cowboy/Cowgirl

Lucchese Cowboy/Cowgirl western boots are design for both men and women ropers and horse riders. These western boots are handcrafted with leather heel counters, side seems, and piping. The quality leather products are lasting and the outsoles provide proper support.