When the world’s computers changed from DOS to Windows for the first time the people at Microsoft thought they would soften the blow of the new interface by adding a few games. Little did they know that in the midst of this clever idea of theirs lay the most annoying and captivating game played by anyone to date.

Solitaire was one of the games that people got as part of the Windows 3 operating system back in the early 1990’s. It looked innocent enough with its friend Freecell and Minesweeper… but it was far from it. Over the years it has grown into a monster of a game. Never raking in millions and never offering amazing graphics or sound. It was just a simple card game.

Over the years people have often played patience or solitaire with a deck of cards when they had way to much free time or no friends. Computers just opened up a totally new world and made it so much easier for people just to play whenever they wanted to. Around the turn of the century it became so bad that companies started removing the game from computers and many people were fired as a result of losses in productivity.

We are however in no way suggesting that you should give up your day job for a life of solitaire. It is just so fascinating that solitaire and its variations like pyramid, tri peaks and mah-jong have stood the test of time and still offer a great way to kill a few minutes.

What really sets it apart is its intriguing mix of simplicity and complexity. No matter how often you play, you would often end up with a failed attempt.

In recent years it was however sadly removed from the popular operating system, but lives on online. There are so many sites that offer classic computer games like these for free. When you do a search you are likely to come across two variations. The one requires you to download software, while the others allow you to play through your browser

We suggest you just play through your browser. It ensures that your computer doesn’t get clogged up with unnecessary software and you have access to those all-important games no matter where you go online.

Games like tri peaks solitaire and mah-jong will likely continue to live on for many years to come and the millions who play these games on a daily basis are proof of this.