There are three major pros of solely using the iPad as your daily newspaper. First, it's compact. This is extremely important if you read multiple papers, say the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the New York Times. Imagine trying to carry all these newspapers around! Next, the iPad is not limited to print news sources. With the iPad, you have the whole of cyberspace at your finger tips. Subscribe to news feeds on twitter through the FlipBoard app. Watch the morning stock report on the CNBC app. In fact, if you overhear a conversation of an interesting news story on the subway, you can simply google it to get the latest! Finally, price. Yes, the iPad is expensive, with the cheapest model starting at $499. But think about the amount of money you can save on subscription costs? Most of your major news sources offer a less expensive digital price. This includes magazines, newspapers, and cable content.


The first and biggest drawback is the display. Unlike traditional paper sources, after even a couple of hours on the iPad you will notice a strain on your eyes. And if your job requires you to sit in front of a computer, even 30–45 mins on your iPad at the start of the day will leave your eyes more drained come the end of your work day. Then you have the fact that it's digital. There's just something about having a paper in front of you. The way we've been trained to consume content. Take a newspaper for example, we catch the headline, then the focal picture and the news above the fold. It's easy to navigate and you'll never get lost in paper. While some newspapers such as the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal have made major improvements, most iPad publications have not. Finally, there's price. $499 for the base model and over $800 if you want the big one. That's a lot of years of subscriptions.

Full Review

Can the iPad really replace your entire newspaper library? Can it become your only source for daily news and gossip? I think it can...

In Closing

In the end, I would suggest you evaluate your news sources. If you're primarily a one-newspaper person, perhaps the iPad isn't for you. But in today's society, if you're the average 9 blog, 1 newspaper, 1 magazine, 3 websites, twitter feed, facebook type, then the iPad was made for you!