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The emergence of iPhone 4 made a fuss amongst mobile phone enthusiasts in all parts of the globe and has left such a wonderful thrill to a lot of people. Its features are indeed fascinating, superb, and very functional like the extremely high resolution touch screen, high definition video recording, and slender measurements. iPhone 4 drives modernism to its advantage, making it among the century's most excellent advancement (I consider that it deserves by far the first place of Top 10 Must Have High Tech Gadgets and Gizmos for Men).

There are other decent smart phone options out there, and they are as good as the iPhone line of products. Mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire have likewise become a controversy among all fans, continuously seeking the one that will make it on the number 1 spot as the best smart phone in the market. Such phones deal with various types of functionalities as well as usability, and all of them are outstanding no matter what.

The iPhone's line of products began to struggle when its competitors started to create their own kind of smart phone in addition to Apple's initial major leak of its product several months prior to its unveiling. And out of the blue, the latest iPhone 4 made a very surprising transformation that it created a huge impact on a great deal of consumers worldwide. Apple has given a free rein to its gigantic guns in order to build another mobile phone which can certainly amaze people in a lot of ways you can imagine. Its elegant and sleek design is fantastic that some people describe it as "sexy", thus defeating the designs of other mobile phones.

iPhone 4 is not the usual plastic exterior and coiled back with somewhat thick measurements. It boasts of its framework which measures 9.3mm with a modern glass industrial and stainless steel design. It has a weight of 137g, the same as that of the weight of iPhone 3GS, but the dimensions are smaller (115.2mm x58.6 mm x 9.3mm) and the edges are made of stainless steel.

Look at a review it receives on Amazon: "This is the best mobile phone I have ever owned. It's damn near perfect. I held off on buying the iPhone because it is locked to AT&T in the USA and you can only acquire apps through Apple's proprietary App Store. This sort of closed platform was a real put-off to me (and still is), but when it came time to buy a new mobile phone I knew there was only one choice".'

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