~ iPhone 4 ~

iPhone is made even better with their latest innovation: iPhone 4. It really deserves the first place in the top 10 must have high tech gadgets and gizmos for men (not that the women will be not pleased to have it). It offers a stylish and sleek look, not to mention that it is widely compatible, incredibly fast, and has a lot of features compared to the iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 is truly perfect for people who are gadget fanatics and would like to own a top-notch mobile phone without affecting the exterior look. The greatest revolution rests in its remarkable display quality that the old iPhone as well as the other mobile phones do not provide. It has a Retina feature that has become controversial in this industry, making this particular model a trendsetter all over the world.

It is made on the trusted and improved iOS 4 platform which makes iPhone 4 truly dependable with only less crashes and errors. Switching applications is much easier, plus you do not have to worry about multitasking because this can be done fast. Your personal tasks and needs for your business will never be forgotten because iPhone 4 supports a lot of interactive and productive applications, with some of them already sent along with the device. Furthermore, there are plenty of applications that you can download from AppStore.

Then there is the extremely receptive and easy to use touch screen that makes this phone such an enjoyment to make use of. Its 3.5" LED-Backlit IPS TFT screen joined with the Retina feature makes watching videos and looking at the pictures very pleasing. It offers clear and crisp pictures owing to its 960x640 graphics resolution, thus causing the clearness of all images very noticeable.

One more advancement with iPhone 4 is its 5-megapixel camera and its battery, although battery life depends on the running applications as well as the handling pattern. Another feature called FaceTime can be used in this model. It allows a user to view the person on the other end to make video chatting a real one of a kind experience.

The only drawback that I've heard so far is that you'll need iTunes on your desktop to get the most out of this phone. In order to transfer and use your photos, music, videos, apps - you have to use iTunes. I do not own an iPhone 4 but I think it is the time for me to change my old Sony Ericsson phone and this one convinces me. I carry the phone and my Flip MinoHD video camera with me all the time - so it would be nice to have them both in a single device.

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