Protecting personal information is an important concern for everyone today. It’s a commonly known fact that that criminals with a purpose of stealing someone’s personal information are there searching for their next victim. What they do is steal your credit card information, which they use to buy things and leave you to deal with the bills. It’s extremely difficult to track this criminals because they are very good at hiding their own identity and using fake names. In the internet era they can come from your area, or the same street you live in, or from some country on the other side of the world.

The criminals have come up with creative ways to steal someone’s credit card information. The method they use most frequently is called phishing. What they do is send email to their victims claiming to come from their credit card company, and that his account was used by someone else or that there is some other kind of problem which requires the his immediate attention, and that they need their details so they resolve the issue.

Telling fake emails is a fairly easy thing to do if you know what to search for. In some cases the victims receive emails from companies that did not issue their credit cards. This is a clear sign the email is fake. Other way to tell fake emails is through the link in them. You can hover the link with the mouse cursor and click the link. The website that you are can be exactly the same as the credit card company website but if the address is different then the one of the credit card company, it’s a sign that the email you received was fake.

The intention of the criminals is that you click the link provided in the fake email which will take you to a webpage that looks exactly like the webpage of the legitimate company. This kind of webpage are not to difficult to make and even a criminals with little knowledge and skills in web design can make them. These fake web pages feature the exact logos and banners of the real companies web pages.

The victims are then tricked into entering their personal information on the fake web site, and from that moment on the criminals are in possession of their personal information. The moment the criminals have victims personal information such as credit card information and social security number they begin with spending money and the victim ends up with paying the bills. When the victims discover they are subject of fraud it is usually a bit too late to do something.

When you receive an email like this the best thing to do is delete it immediately. You should not click the link and visit the criminals website even out of simple curiosity. Doing something like clicking the link in fake email can make you nothing good, you can even have your computer infected with viruses and spyware.

Your personal information should never fall in wrong hands. The best way to prevent this is by being careful with whom you are sharing your personal information. You should always be protecting your personal information because there are a lot of criminals around who want to steal your personal information. Criminals are always finding new ways to your personal information and that’s why you should always apply due diligence so you can effectively protect your personal information.