Benefits of organic pet food

Natural pet food

As trusted guardians, we have a responsibility towards our animal companions. Few people will give you the same amount of loyalty, devotion, admiration and affection that they do. We need to do the best that we can to keep them fit, healthy and vital…and wholesome organic pet food will help greatly with that. Pets should be enjoying safe nutrition – free of dangerous preservatives and chemicals.

The benefits of organic food

In 2007 the demand for organic pet food increased by 63% in the USA – this reflects a positive and growing trend. Organic food has the largest quantities of beneficial minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins. They are free of pesticides, questionable additives and unhealthy hydrogenated fats. Organic food contains omega-3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants which pets may need even more than humans due their environment (being closer to the ground in most cases). Many pets struggle with allergies, digestive conditions and behavioral complications which could be eased with a simple change in diet.

The dark side of most commercial pet foods

Pets are mainly fed processed pellet or canned food which is devoid of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The antioxidants are particularly important as they fight free radicals, parasites and diseases that your pet may come into contact with. The marketing machine hides the truth from you and even though you think you are feeding your pet well – the dark truth is: your pet will get a disease if they only eat processed food. There have been a number of pet food recalls when animals either died or became ill because of eating pet food containing a harmful ingredient called ‘melamine’.

Avoid diseases

Greater transparency is being called for and food labels have to be scrutinized. Choosing organic food rather than processed can literally save your pets life. According to Dr Mindell, one in every four dogs develops cancer and approximately 50% of dogs over ten years old die from cancer. A dog with a healthy immune system is highly unlikely to suffer this fate. This confirms that a wholesome organic diet is the simplest way to avoid health complications in your pet. It is unnatural that pets are widely suffering with ailments like skin allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, rotting teeth and cancer.

Prevent obesity

At an international veterinary conference in London in February 2008, more than two thirds of the delegates expressed concern that obesity may be the most likely variable in shortening a pet’s lifespan. More than half confirmed that they had to euthanase animals as a direct result of them being obese. Many specialists feel that a more informed approach to your animal companion’s eating plan will prevent this unnecessary cause of suffering. Eating more natural and organic food will provide your pet with quality nutrients – minimizing the quantity of food needed to feel satiated.

Have a healthier companion

If your pet eats a wholesome, nutrient-dense meal – chances are they will live a longer and substantially healthier life. They will have a healthy coat, glowing eyes and be filled with bountiful energy. You will also be graced with the gift of their presence for a much longer time to come.

As animal welfare is at the core of organic systems on the whole – you simply cannot go wrong choosing this route for yourself and your pet. Eating organic is rich in benefits, not only health wise but life wise – it is better for the planet, for you, for your pet, for other animals, it encourages wildlife, it supports rural economies as it is labor intensive and -  it tastes amazing!


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