Reading is very important. When I was a kid, I used to be an outlier. I would not hang out with the cool crowd. Not by my choice. So I had a lot of free time because playing alone is not much fun. I used that time to read. At the time, reading books seems like a way to escape reality. So I read. 

Read(105410)One of the book I read at the time was The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper. It was a very nice read. I liked it a lot. I used to read outside, just near the play ground. One day I heard the boys talking about how they wanted to play Cowboys and Indians. I do not remember in exact detail how I started to talk to them about the game they wanted to play, but I most certainly used things I learn from the book. From that moment on, I was hanging out with the cool kids.

 A few statistics on reading :

 Knowing how to read is essential

You are reading this article right now. You are picking up on information that you might choose to retain or not, but at list you have the option. There are some that do not have it. Half of the american population can not read a eight grade book. Half of the american population is cut off from a very important source of information.

Keep the reading habit

In school we learn very much, but than we stop. Out of middle school students, 70 % read more than 10 books a year. Out of high school student only 49 % read more than 10 books a year. Statistics show that on average the number of books read per year decrease as we grow older. 

Keep yourself and you kids on the safe side

Basic skills of reading and writing are very important. More than 20 percent of adults read below 5th grade level. That is not enough to earn a living wage in most cases and can leave to unfortunate actions. On that note, 60 percent of America's prison inmates are illiterate and 85% of all juvenile offenders have reading problems. Be smart, read.


Let us summarize.

Reading is very important. Reading is a great way to keep the mind active, to relax the body and to acquire knowledge. It is far more than just a basic skill, but the basic is extremely important. Reading can prove to be a very important source of information. The more information you posses, the more opportunities you will find before you. In my own experience, the book that I read gave me the opportunity and the tools to cease that opportunity to do what I wanted.


Reading really gives you a different perspective on life.